Saturday, January 17, 2009

Now what?

So. We're engaged. After all the initial excitement wore off and we told our parents, family and all the friends I could conceivably call during car rides in between dinner, my parent's house and home again...we kind of looked at each other and overwhelming sensation of "oh crap" melted down over us. Craig's knowledge of weddings is limited to the few weddings of my friends that I've dragged him to. Although I have been a part of several beautiful weddings, I have no real idea of how to get started.

I know that I don't want a really huge wedding, but we do have a lot of friends, family and work compadres that want to be a part of our day.

I know that despite Craig's slightly inebriated statement on his birthday in the limo of how we're getting married in Jamaica, we will be getting married somewhere in the greater Fort Worth/Dallas area.

I know that I want my colors to be a chocolate brown and bright, light green...if you've ever seen pictures of my living room or been to my house - look at the pillows and you'll see the colors I'm talking about. In addition to those colors, I want lots and lots of white flowers and candles.

I would love to get married in some historic building with lots of character and places for pretty pictures, but that all depends on how many people end up making the final cut for the guest list. But don't worry - if you're dying to go, we do take bribes. :)

I definitely will NOT be wearing a big and poofy wedding dress. I want it streamlined and simple. Thus...after this blog, I am hitting the gym.

After some intense discussion, we have tentatively decided to place the date of the wedding around March 13th of next year. I originally wanted the Saturday in November right before Thanksgiving, but Craig thought that was too soon. Then I kicked the idea around of June of 2010 so that we woudl have time to do stuff for the wedding once school was out and we wouldn't have to worry about taking days off from work. Craig thought that was too far away. So his suggestion was March of 2010 right before Spring Break. Hmm...I had to think - would my desired theme of hippie wedding in the forest work? Possibly. There is no real significance to the date other than the fact that we both could agree on it. At least we know that we have the ability to compromise in our relationship.

Other than that, I'm pretty terrified of the whole "wedding planning" process, as well as the wedding itself. Not because I don't want to marry Craig - I am just not a girlie girl who gets into stuff like that. And I'm not really comfortable with having a whole day dedicated to me. I don't think that me getting married is enough reason for other people to stop their lives to focus on me. I don't want the next year to be solely focused around the events surrounding March 13, 2010. Don't get me wrong - I'm totally excited about seeing a ring on his hand as well and becoming Mrs. Coach Nelson...I'm just not totally pumped yet about the whole planning process.

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