Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Longest quiz ever...

I love those Myspace surveys. Maybe it's just because I like talking about myself, but I just can't get enough of them...but I hate posting them on Myspace - I feel like I'm annoying people. So, every so often I'm going to post one here when I find a good one. Feel free to respond with your answers...or just giggle (or groan) at mine.

Name: Laura
Date of Birth: August 7, 1983
Birthplace: Texas
Current Location: My bedroom - all cozy under the covers with my iHome going strong
Eye Color: According to my friend Ryan - poop brown
Hair Color: An auburn-ish mix of brown, red and blond. My dad says I have his mother's hair color and that makes me really happy because I feel as if a lot of the "grandmotherly" emphasis has always lied with my maternal grandma. I like knowing that my dad can look at my hair and see resemblances to his own family.
Height: 6'0 even
Heritage: My mother is half Cajun and half Italian and on my father's side way back is probably English
Piercings: Just in my ears
Tattoos: I have the word "passion" written in Italian on my left hip.

My favorite all time bands are probably the Beatles and U2 just because of their talent and their incredible ability to write powerful and inspirational lyrics combined with moving and innovative music.
Song: All I Want Is You by U2 and Blackbird by the Beatles
Movie: Gone With The Wind
Disney Movie: Little Mermaid - I can still picture playing "Ariel" in the pool with Kate. But she always got to be Ariel because of her fancy red hair so I had to be her "equally beautiful and talented" sister.
TV show: I don't really have one - I like stuff on HGTV, History Channel and A&E but there aren't really any mainstream sitcoms or dramas that I watch.
Color: Turquoise, green and black
Food: Please refer to the above question regarding heritage - I was raised by an Italian mother...I could literally eat any kind of pasta for every single meal. Too bad I'm not a marathon runner.
Pizza topping: Canadian bacon and pineapple!
Ice-Cream Flavor: Mint chocolate chip
Drink (alcoholic): Vodka and Redbull - perfect for playing Blackjack in Vegas
Soda: Sprite
Store: TARGET!!! This recent move to Flower Mound has really been tough. At my previous residence, I was merely minutes from my closest Super Target with minimal traffic. Now? About 20 minutes with insanely clogged traffic due to the cities slow-as-molasses widening of a major road. This is a ditto for my proximity to the nearest Taco Bueno. But - considering our recent vow to lose some weight before our proposed trip to the Bahamas this could be a good thing.
Clothing Brand: Banana Republic - I feel so clean in their clothes.
Shoe Brand: Nike
Season: That is a really tough one. Obviously, I enjoy summer. "Why?" some might in Texas, we do have scorchingly hot summers BUT summers also mean not working for close to three months which makes the heat bearable when you can lie on a raft in the pool all day. On the other hand, I get bored easily in the summer and I end up feeling a little bit...useless. I'm always ready for summer to end and school to begin because I love the electricity and energy that is in the air when things start gearing up - the new clothes shopping, the inspiration to write new lesson plans, seeing old friends at work, football season quickly approaching and of course - NEW SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!! It's kind of my favorite part of starting the new school year and thanks to my friend Jennifer, I look forward to my birthday every year in August because it means a brand new pack of Sharpie pens from her!
Month: Duh. August - it's my birthday!
Holiday/Festival: After my birthday, Thanksgiving and the 4th of July
Flower: I definitely don't like red roses because they are way too cliche. I like the really brightly colored ones that are a little funky. Don't ask me names.
Make-Up Item: My Burt's Beeswax chapstick. I couldn't make it through the winter without it. Luckily, Craig knows this and thanks to my stocking at Christmas, I am fully stocked for the rest of the winter.
Board game: The game of Life. For some reason, as a kid I always was disappointed when I didn't have a car full of kids at the end of the game. And yes - I was that child who NAMED the little blue and pink pegs sitting in the seats behind me and my husband. I had an overactive imagination.

This or That
Sunny or rainy: I love that first sunny and warm day in the beginning of spring when you walk outside and feel that warmth hit your face. On those days, I could sit out on my porch at the apartment and literally see the complex shaking off the icicles of winter and coming out of hibernation to enjoy the beautiful day. But, I also love those perfect weekend mornings when you need to sleep in due to a busy week and it's dark and rainy outside providing a few more coveted hours of cozy, uninterupted sleep.
Chocolate or vanilla: Neither? I'm not big on sweets...which has moderately worked to my advantage.
Fruit or veggie: Probably veggies...I was never the kid hiding her peas in the mashed potatoes. If anything, my parents had the problem of cooking ENOUGH food for dinner. I swear - as a fly on the wall, you would have thought my parent's had three teenage boys living in the house when I was growing up.
Night or day: Day
Sour or sweet: Neither again. But if I absolutely had to choose - sweet.
Love or money: The obvious answer is....both.
Phone or in person: Depends on what I'm doing! :)
Looks or personality:'s that sense of humor of Craig's that gives him the twinkle in his eye that I find so intriguing and attractive.
Coffee or tea: COFFEE
Hot or cold: I love hot weather. Maybe it's because I'm an August baby?!

Goal for this year: Be more compassionate and patient with Craig's never ending stream of tournaments, quit biting my nails and remember people's birthdays - especially yours Mom!
Most missed memory: Easy. When I was growing up, we always headed down to Grandma and Grandpa's house in College Station for major holidays and some weekends. Upon arriving at the house after the three hour drive, my dad and brothers would usually sit in the living room, watching tv and chatting while my mom and Grandma retreated to my mother's childhood bedroom. They would lie on the bed, the room lit only by a lamp, and lazily catch up on recent events, the latest books that had been read, and general family memories. I would always crawl up between them in bed and close my eyes, letting the melodic mix of English, Italian and French banter gently ease me into that blissful state between awake and asleep. During this time, my Grandma would gently stroke her fingers through my long hair. I distinctly remember her touch compared to my mother's because it was softer, gentler and more comforting. I would give up five years of my life to have five minutes of moment back. Even now, when I am lying in bed and struggling to fall asleep due to some life crisis, I close my eyes and imagine my Grandma stroking my hair. I can always feel a sense of calm and contentment melt down my body as I quickly ease into sleep.
Best physical feature: My smile. Especially when Craig makes me laugh because that's when it's the most genuine and spontaneous.
First thought waking up: Craig! Turn off the lights! I don't have to get up yet!
Hypothetical personality disorder: OCD and Bipolar
Preferred type of plastic surgery: None. Absolutely not. During my recovery from my appendix surgery this summer, I assured my mother that I would never have plastic surgery. I can't wrap my mind around going through that much pain (and money!) WILLINGLY!!!
Sesame street alter ego: Sometimes I'm Big Bird. Sometimes I'm Oscar.
Fairytale alter ego: I wrote about fairytales some time ago. I was frustrated with the unrealistic expectations of men and love that these fairytales give to young girls. So, my answer is: When they write a fairytale about a girl who goes after her OWN dreams instead of a man...that's who my alter ego will be.
Most stupid remark: I've had personal favorite? "Oh my gosh. You know what would be REALLY creepy? If Halloween, a full moon and Friday the 13th fell on the same day." Think about it....yeah...I was laughed at.
Worst crime: Many of my college decisions
Greatest ambition: Make a true difference in the world and more importantly - raise strong, compassionate and intelligent daughters.
Greatest fear: Not being able to do the above mentioned items.
Darkest secret: I have three stuffed animals and a Cabbage Patch doll sitting in the closet. When Craig sleeps in another room due to his chronic freight train like snoring...I pull one out to sleep with.
Favorite subject: Math and History
Strangest received gift: Homemade dark and white chocolate teeth from student this year. Given the student, this was in character and made complete sense...but still strange.
Worst habit: Biting my nails and NOT biting my tongue with some people!

Do You:
Smoke: Nope
Drink: Occassionally, but not too much
Curse: Nope
Shower daily: Yes - usually in the mornings. That combined with a strongly caffeinated coffee will USUALLY wake me up.
Like thunderstorms: As long as they don't cause any damage to my personal property - yes.
Dance in the rain: I don't dance.
Sing: Definitely not in public.
Play an instrument: I can play a few songs on the piano.
Get along with your parents: I definitely do - my mom is one of my favorite relationships that I have in my life.
Wish on stars: There are stars in the sky? Could have fooled me.
Believe in fate: Ooh...tricky. I believe that we are in charge of our "fate" by the choices that we make in our life.
Believe in love at first sight: Nope.

Can You:
Yes. Brake? Sometimes.
Sew: God no
Cook: YES! I am definitely getting better. But more importantly...I am secretly starting to enjoy it.
Speak another language: I wish I did - I just know a few of the cuss words in Italian.
Dance: No. Absolutely not.
Sing: Nope.
Touch your nose with your tongue: Nope. But my mom can!
Whistle: Nope. Which can sometimes be a detriment when coaching out on the track...luckily I have compensated by developing a booming yell.
Curl your tongue: Yes

Have You Ever:
Been Drunk:
Ahh...yes. And unfortunately, many of the readers of this post can attest to this fact.
Been Stoned/High: I've been to Amsterdam. But only once. And I didn't like it. Getting lost in Amsterdam on the tram system is no fun.
Eaten Sushi: Yes and I absolutely hated it. I had to get Whataburger afterwards.
Been in Love: For sure. I love him and that makes me happy. But more importantly, it makes him happy.
Skipped school: I was too much of a rule follower in high school to skip school. And in college, after the first year I made an important realization...schedule classes from 11 to 2 and there was a higher chance that I would make it to class.
Made prank calls: Not really.
Sent someone a love letter: I've written Craig a few love letters. But I don't think he'll hang on to them like my mom has. I mean, like my mom has hung on to the ones she sent and received from my dad. Craig and my mom are not sending each other love letters. Unless she's writing him to tell him she loves the fact that he's taken me off her hands.
Stolen something: Only Craig's heart. Again. I am a rule follower, much to the opposite view of the general public.
Cried yourself to sleep: Of Cabbage Patch Ellie probably has the tear stains to prove it.

Other Questions:
What annoys you most in a person? The list is long and detailed but I would have to say that the number one thing that really bugs me is when people have no spine. Not physically - but mentally and emotionally. And I don't like weak minded people that can't make a decision or stand by the decision that they do make. I also don't like it when people expect to be treated differently - like the rules don't apply to them. Ridiculous. It's all making me angry just thinking about it.
Are you right or left handed? Right handed - my left is pretty much useless.
What is your bedtime? Whenever I fall asleep. Usually between 11 and 12.
Name three things you can't live without: Craig, sleep, and Starbucks. Without one or all of these, I am extremely cranky.
What is the color of your room? Beige. Our whole house is boring beige. The excitement is in the details of the rooms.
Do you have any siblings? Yes. I have two biological brothers, Stephen and Michael. Two current sisters-in-law Meredith and Laura Renee. And when I marry Craig, I will have a new sister-in-law named Sherika.
Do you have any pets? NO. And I made a great case the other day for us to get a dog--I need someone to keep me company during the nights and weekends that Craig is basketballing. Plus - I need a dog that will cuddle and listen to me without talking back. According to Craig...a dog to do everything he won't.
Would you kill someone you hate for a million dollars? Ha, ha, ha. It wouldn't take that much money for me to completely eliminate her.
What is you middle name? Elizabeth
What are you nicknames? La La
Are you for or against gay marriage? I don't think that they should have a sanctioned marriage in a church setting because I'm not sure that God is a real fan. But, I think that if they would like to be able to get a civil union so that they can receive the governmental benefits that would be fine.
What are your thoughts on abortion? I would not get one, nor would I encourage or support my friends in getting one. I think you get to a certain age where you are financially responsible enough to deal with the decisions and events that take place in your life.
Do you have a crush on anyone? Only one curly blond headed guy. I hope that he likes me back. ;)
Are you afraid of the dark? Not really. Only when I have truly terrifying nightmares.
How do you want to die? A long, long time from now.
What is the largest amount of popsicles that you have eaten on one day? Probably a lot. I really loved them when I was younger.
Would you take a bullet for the one you love? I probably would. But I also know that he wouldn't ever put me into a situation where this act would be necessary.
What is the last law you’ve broken? Speeding I suppose. Nothing too terribly exciting.

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