Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mega Christmas Round-Up

First off I'll start with the picture of Natalie that was sent out with our Christmas cards.  I'm still old school.....I buy actual cards, stick in a picture of Natalie and sign all our names on the inside.  Actually, I'm more cheap than old school because I buy all our Christmas cards for the next year the day after Christmas when they are mega discounted.


Here she is three months away from her second birthday.

And a few outtakes of our little photo session:

This one looks like a mugshot.

Here she is mauling Santa while Angie gets her nose in the picture.

And the new toddler "cheese" face she has debuted recently.

And here we are close to the end because she is juuuuuust about DONE with Momma taking pictures of her.

Christmas Eve Cookie Decorating

Craig and Natalie ready to bake and decorate sugar cookies for Santa.  Craig *might* be more excited about this activity than Natalie.

And when I say *might* I mean........Craig was SO pumped for this.  Seriously.  It was pretty adorable.

My big girl.

Lots of different kinds of fun sprinkles.

While the cookies were cooling all three of us got to decorate an ice cream cone to make into a Christmas tree.  Mine is in the back, Craig's is on the left and Natalie's on the case you couldn't tell which one was decorated by the almost two year old.

Serious dedication and concentration.

On a related note....a little tip for baking and decorating with small children?  Put a big beach towel down over the table or countertop before the activity starts.  That way all the mess lands on the towel and when you are done, just fold up the towel and shake the mess into the trashcan for super easy clean up!  

Oh.  And have two ravenous dogs roaming the floor so all the dropped pieces get cleaned up too.

The finished products!

Sitting by the Christmas tree for the requisite Christmas Eve photo-op.

And by the other tree in the living room.  I took SEVERAL of these photos and in every single one.....she had her little hand gripped tight around the branch of that tree.  Not sure why.

And we always have to leave a letter for Santa thanking him for his kindness.  

She does have impeccable handwriting if I do say so myself.  

Cookies and milk for Santa under the tree!

A little Christmas book reading before bedtime.

And then the stockings were hung by the chimney with care.

And this is the BIG gift that Santa brought Natalie!

Christmas Day!
A happy girl with her big surprise.

All the loot that Santa packed into her stocking.

The biggest hit of Christmas....the baby furniture.

And my personal favorite - Olivia and the Fairy Princess.

And then a Christmas to remember.....SNOW!  It started sprinkling down just a bit in the morning while I was making a breakfast casserole.

But by the time we made it to my parent's house at 3:30 the ground was completely covered.
Angie and Ajax frolicking in the snow.

Natalie checking things out.  She was very upset when the snow got on her shoes.  Can't blame her.

All four pups out exploring....all with the appropriate winter wear of course.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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Anonymous said...

Dad & I thoroughly enjoyed the photos and your accompanying story on this blog!! Thanks for sharing such a special time in your family's life! LOVE the comparison photos from last year to this year!