Thursday, January 10, 2013


Last year around this time Craig and I made a resolution for our family.  We chose a word to live by and we stuck to it.


2012 was the year that we existed.

But after the previous four years I needed one without any major life decisions.

2008 - began dating and bought a house
2009 - became engaged and began planning a wedding
2010 - got married in March and pregnant in June
2011 - gave birth to Natalie and struggled with PPD

So yeah.....I think we deserved a year off to just BE.  We loved on our pups and watched our daughter grow.  We fixed up the house and celebrated all sorts of fun milestones with friends.  

But what about 2013?  What word are we going to choose for our family to embrace this year?  I'd love to think it was something along the lines of PEACE or SIMPLICITY....

Unfortunately, I just have this gut feeling based on recent conversations that it's going to be another year of CHANGE.

Little pieces are beginning to fall in place and a clear picture of what 2013 holds for us is starting to form.

Among other things, I'll be turning 30 and Craig will turn 40.

Natalie is in the midst of transitioning from babyhood to full fledged toddler.

There are a host of other things that are being put on the table for me professionally and for our family personally.

Usually I'm terrified about any sort of change and adjustment but right now, I'm peaceful and calm.  I'm sure there will be moments of panic and sheer terror, but overall....I'm okay with what seems to be coming down the pipe because it all seems so pre-ordained, if you know what I mean?!

There have been professional and personal goals that I've had for myself but it just never seemed the RIGHT time.  Things just didn't fall into place the way I hoped they would and I told myself over and over that when it was right, it would happen.

And it's all happening this year.

Buckle up.


annajanine said...

Exciting! I'm happy to hear that changes are coming...and that you're excited about them, too :). Happy New Year!

Jerralea said...

Change is a good word. It's been said, "to live is change." May the changes that come to your life be accepted with easy adjustments and the trust that God is in control. After all, He knows what changes will bring about the most good.

God bless!