Sunday, October 14, 2012

Housing Update

Now that the floors are finished, the walls are painted and the ceiling is back in place I can get started on the fun part of this experience.....the decorating.

This is the general vibe I'm going for - we've got the walls painted, the dark wood entertainment center and the cream colored couches.  Now I'm on the hunt for the accent pieces and the first place I'm hitting up is the antique shop.

For real.

I want stuff in my home that is unique and different.  Things that will catch the eye of my guest and make them ask "where did you find that?"  As much as I love and adore Target, their home goods section has left me disappointed and wanting more lately so I'm trying out new venues for home decor.

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

You know those old school, big and chunky, totally 1970s dark wood end and side tables that are probably still sitting in your grandmother's house?  I want one for my living room.  I'm hitting up Craigslist, garage sales and antique stores for one of those big and old, seemingly tacky side tables that I can strip down and then paint some fun color like dark turquoise or bright orange.

The biggest (and probably most difficult) piece I'm looking for to finish off my living room is going to be a vintage sideboard table similar to this one.  I would be painting it bright white which will pop against the turquoise walls.  Plop a funky lamp on top with a few pictures of our family and voila....done.  

When the workers finally left our house and the rooms were REALLY done (flooring, painting, baseboards, etc.) Craig looked at me expectantly....I suppose he thought that I would be jumping up and down with excitement.  

But I just surveyed the areas and muttered "they look good."

I think Craig was hoping for a bigger response from me.

It's not that I'm displeased with the outcome, it's just that I have a vision for these rooms.  I see the end product and my living room just isn't quite there yet.  I'll be excited when the last pillow is in place, the shelves are adequately filled and the new furniture has been refinished and moved in.

But I am excited about the challenge of redoing this living room on a budget.  It will keep me busy after volleyball season is over.

So that's where we're at with the redo - hitting up antique malls and garage sales searching for that diamond in the rough.

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