Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10 Minutes

I've been a little bit starved for thoughtful blog posts lately.  We've just had a lot going on in addition to the regular hustle and bustle of volleyball season and raising a toddler.

I hate saying that though.

I feel like "I've been so busy" is just cliche.  Because we're ALL busy in some form or fashion.  

I think it's just the nature of the autumn season.  Regardless of whether you have school-age kids or not, the fall season seems to amp up social get-togethers due to the holidays and people wanting to see each other after summer vacations.  It's the time when book clubs, Bible studies and other "meeting" type activities get started.

It's just hectic.

Last week things got a little more hectic for us........and then ridiculously slow.  Maybe it was God's way of providing us with the time to breathe deep and refocus that we need at this point in volleyball season.  I start school full throttle and it doesn't let up for two months straight until the season is over.  At least with basketball season Craig has Thanksgiving, Christmas and final exams thrown in there to break up his season and provide some rest for both him and his players.

Anyways.  Last Wednesday Craig had a doctor's appointment for his irregular blood work that he had received and during this appointment he remarked to the doctor that his right side was aching.  The doctor checked him out and advised him to go directly to the emergency room due to the fact that it appeared to be an infection surrounding his appendix.  I met him at the hospital down the road from us and we sat in the ER until 8:00 that night and all we walked away with was the knowledge that Craig has gall stones.  

On Thursday morning he went back to a different doctor (one affiliated with our local hospital) and this particular doctor was enraged that Craig had been sent home on Wednesday evening without the hospital notifying any doctor on call.  Long story short, I received a phone call at work from Craig telling me that he would be having his gall bladder removed at 1:30 that afternoon.


Luckily I work at a wonderful school and I was able to get coverage for my classroom and met him at the hospital shortly after his phone call.  The surgery was outpatient so we were home at 8:00 that night but I missed my 8th grade volleyball games and the whole day of school on Friday.  For the rest of the weekend we just hung out around the house and ate all the delicious food that our friends from his school brought us.  

It was actually pretty delightful.

Maybe it's what we needed....I just wish we didn't have to pay for a surgery in order to receive the rest and relaxation.

There.  Ten minutes full of thinking, typing and writing.  It's not great.  But it will do for now.

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