Sunday, October 21, 2012


With Craig's condition (more on that later) keeping us home this weekend, I took it upon myself to use my time wisely and get more work done in our living room. 

The biggest item we purchased was this rug which was $150 at Garden Ridge.
I know.  I KNOW.  A lot of money, right?  But the texture is perfect and the colors are just the right muted shade of orange and turquoise that it really compliments the room while not being distracting.  I just knew that there wouldn't be any other rug that was going to capture my heart the way this one did so Craig gave me the go ahead to get it....with the promise that we wait to purchase curtains until the next paycheck.
But to make up for the expensive rug, I've been doing LOTS of vintage and second-hand store shopping for the little odds and ends. 
Vintage milk glass style bowl - $7.00, Goodwill and fake oranges - $4.00, Garden Ridge

Gorgeous milk glass decorative bowl - $14.00, antique store
Sorry for the foggy iPhone picture!
Three milk glass vases - $5.00 each, antique store with fake orange flowers - one bundle for $5.00
And then there was my naptime project......well, not MY naptime but during Natalie's naptime.  I bought this cool, chunky octagonal end table at a parking lot sale a few weeks ago with my mother for twenty bucks.  Add a package of sandpaper and a quart of turquoise paint and voila!  I got a good start on my most ambitious living room project to date.  Now that the first coat of paint is completely dry, the color isn't so BOLD and is much more muted (which is exactly what I wanted).  Just a few more coats, a LOT of glossy sealer.....put a bright white bowl or decor item down below with a tray holding coasters and remotes on top! 
I'm still on the hunt for a long and skinny sideboard style table to go against the wall in the living room but I am definitely NOT paying more than $75 for it so this makes my search a little more difficult. 
I'm pretty happy with the way it's all coming together.  It's just fun to have a solid vision of what I want and then be able to see it come to fruition.  I was a little nervous before we started this whole thing - would my turquoise and orange idea be terrible or amazing?!  But so good.  I'm just excited to be able to put it all together into one fabulous room!
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