Monday, July 12, 2010

Week 6

July 12 - July 18, 2010

How far along?
Five full weeks so I'm starting my 6th week.

How big is baby?
By the end of the sixth week, Baby will grow to be the size of a pea.

What am I creating this week?
The baby's face is starting to take shape and the lungs, kidneys and liver are all starting to develop.

How am I feeling?My sleeping schedule is totally fried - I can't sleep well at night for whatever reason and so during the day I crash during the afternoon and if I don't have a proper nap I get pretty cranky. I haven't had any nausea lately but my tummy isn't processing food as fast as I would probably appreciate. I definitely am examining my stomach a lot more frequently than I ever have before. I don't think to the common person I'm showing at all, but I can tell that I'm thicker around the middle. Maybe it's due to the larger amount of food that I'm consuming, but I definitely feel fatter and bigger. I haven't had any weird cravings or aversions to any food. Pretty much anything and everything looks and sounds good to me. Unfortunately, although the majority of the cup tastes good, when I get to the bottom of my ONE single cup of coffee in the morning it makes me gag a bit. I'm really hoping and praying that Baby doesn't take away my joy in the morning. I've already resigned myself to no Starbucks for awhile (at least the really good caffeinated kind) so I hope that I don't have to pack away my Keurig for the next eight months.

What's circulating in my brain?
I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment because Craig is currently in Tennessee for the week, next week I have volleyball camp, then Craig has his big summer basketball tournament and then we leave for Europe August 1st. Two days after we come home we start inservice for the next school year. My goal for this week is to get the trip more or less planned out as far as the itinerary goes and then I can focus on packing and such for the next few weeks. I have accepted the fact that I'm going to have a belly and I feel great about it. I don't worry as much about how I look in a bikini because I know that I'm supposed to get a little bigger at this stage in the game. It's very freeing to know that regardless of my diet or work out regime, I'm going to get bigger so why not just sit back, stop fighting it and enjoy indulging in a late night (at least moderately heathy) snack of crackers and cheese? I'm still anxious about making sure this baby makes it to the "safe" 12 week mark but I definitely feel much more comfortable in the idea of being pregnant. I don't know how to explain it. I'm not walking around the house anymore just in complete awe and shock that I'm pregnant. It's already become a part of my life for the time being and I'm actually already tired of answering the same questions...and I haven't even told that many people!!

How is Craig dealing with the crazy?
Craig witnessed two breakdowns of mythical proportions this weekend - one on Friday and one on Sunday. I told my brother Mike about the baby on Friday night and it was just really emotional because he lives in Maine and misses his family here in Texas like crazy. I think seeing me at the wedding and then hearing the baby news just makes him realize how much he is missing out by living all the way up there in Maine. I cried a lot that night. Last night (Sunday) Craig and I got in a fight over some way that I overreacted and I just cried and cried and cried. I let out every single fear I have about this baby and how I hate not having control over my emotions. It's really hard to sort out WHY I get upset about something. Is it because it's really justified and I actually feel this strongly or is it all just brought on because of the crazy insane amount of hormones that are racing through my body? Either way, Craig handled it like a champ once he realized that I wasn't trying to make his life miserable on purpose. Craig has a pretty good poker face and tries not to let anybody see him nervous, upset or flustered which is exactly how he's approached this pregnancy thus far. I, on the other hand, was instantly scared and nervous the minute we found out we're pregnant and I wanted him to share in that with me. I just kind of felt like I was overreacting by being nervous and I wanted him to say that yes, he was nervous as we're in this totally over our heads...but at least we're together?! Does that make sense? Regardless, he just reiterated that he's totally excited but it's hard for him to really visualize everything because I'm NOT showing (just a little pudgier) and that he'll probably start to get really nervous about two weeks before I'm due. I have a feeling his nerves will show up when he gets handed that baby for the first time...because our baby will be the first baby that he's ever held which I think is really neat. I think that he'll also have a newfound respect for me after I give birth...I don't think he thinks I'm tough. Well, I'll show him.

What's Angie up to?
Angie had a great time on Sunday when we went to a little get-together at my parent's house because she got to run and play with the cousin dogs as well as wear her t-shirt for the big Baby reveal to our close friends and family. She was exhausted and total dead weight for the rest of the night. Right now she's keeping me company because Craig is gone for the week so it's just the girls in the house. We're going to the dog park on Wednesday with my mom and the cousin pups so she can run and get some exercise. I don't think that she's going to be a major problem with the baby - she was around four little ones on Sunday as well as many little ones the week before AND around a one year old today and she does pretty good. She sniffs them out because she's curious but she's not aggressive...if anything she's terrified by them and slightly confused when they start crying. I think she'll be fine.

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