Sunday, May 30, 2010

A few of my favorites

One of the things that we splurged on for the wedding was our photography. Included in our package were my bridal portraits, our engagement pictures, a full day of filming with two photographers, an album for us and then for each of our parents as well as full rights to all the pictures that were taken during the day. One major thing that I was looking for when we were interviewing photographers was personality. I didn't want someone that was mushy or too sweet - I wanted more laid back but with a little bit of edge and artistic creativity. So...this is what we got! All photos were taken by Static Sixx Photography.

In our package we recieved a certain amount of money that could be spent on pictures professionally printed by the photographer or even printed on a canvas. I told Craig that he could choose one bridal portrait of me for us to put on a big canvas and this is the picture he took. I was inspired by my friend Jennifer who did a similar picture before her own wedding two and a half years ago. I'm thinking of putting the canvas on the stairway wall, Scarlett O'Hara style and if Craig ever gets mad at me he can throw his drink at it a la Rhett Butler in Gone With The Wind.

This moment was a little bit...intimidating.

Sigh...I love this picture, but it was a little bit awkward to smooch in front of everyone. Especially our coworkers and former students that were there!

This picture if full of sweet, sweet relief for me. The ceremony was done and over with and I could start to relax...just one step closer to the honeymoon and a week on the beach. This is also the moment Craig told me that I "look beautiful." Aww.

Love this picture. We bought it in black and white and it's going in our front hallway.

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