Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Brand New Regime

By all normal standards, the weight that I am currently at (and considering my height) is not overweight or obese or even fat. To other people I am sure that I look fairly skinny with a more or less athletic build. Unfortunately though, I still don't always see the person that others see - in my mind I'm a little chubby and a lot flabby both of which are two things that I don't want to be on my wedding day. Furthermore, I finally entered physical therapy for the knee pain (called chondromalacia) I've been experiencing on and off since May and I know that although this pain is quite common in young and athletic women...I could probably keep other injuries at bay if I'm in great physical shape.

When I first arrived at my new school and witness the Physical Education class, I was a bit overwhelmed and confused. The coaches actually WORK OUT with their students!? Who knew!? At my old school, where my fiance is the head of the PE department, the coaches generally stay seated at a table in the front of the gym while running class. I'm not saying one is better than the other, but I'm sure that I wouldn't have hated running so much in Athletics if my coaches had joined in with me. For the past few months, I've had to cave into peer pressure and I've been jogging (or speed walking) with my kids on Fitness Days as well as doing crunches and LEARNING(!) to do push-ups again. Each of the coaches that I work with don't use their conference periods to surf the internet or run errands, but instead they go to the weight room and work out. Again...peer pressure has gotten to me and I found myself picking up my iPod during my lunch break and heading back to the school earlier than usual to get a work-out in. And that's in addition to the weight lifting I did with the 8th grade athletes this morning as well as the hour of volleyball that I will play tonight.

It's a bit much, I agree...but I don't want to be a fat bride with jiggly arms and the more I work out, the better I feel and the more I will do it and the better I will look on the beaches of Antigua on our honeymoon!

No work-out is really complete without an accompanying healthy diet and this is also in the process of changing. I was referred to this amazing website called where you can peruse many different recipes and then once you have chosen what you want to fix for the week - just print off the shopping list! Ta Da! All the hard work is done for me! Hurray! I'm not sure how excited Craig is about this new development, but quite frankly I'm instituting a new rule: I will cook healthy dinners and if he doesn't want to eat them than that's his perogative.

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