Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vendor List

We've gotten quite a few things done for the wedding so far...

The Marriott at Champions Circle in Ft. Worth -

Elizabeth's Bridal in Hurst - they don't have a website, but they are the most wonderful ladies in the world. Made the dress shopping experience much less painful than I thought it would be.

Mobile Music PBP - http://www.mobilemusicpbp.com/
This husband and wife team came highly recommended by two close friends of ours and I was blown away by how organized and personable they were.

Static Sixx Photography - http://www.staticsixx.com/
Another husband and wife team who became wedding photographers because of their love of taking pictures. The husband is really talented with photoshop and I'm looking forward to having really artistic pictures of our wedding.

Hot Chocolates - http://www.hotchocolates.net/
The daughter of a very good family friend is the co-owner of the bakery and they produce not only beautiful works of art, but cakes that taste good as well!

Flowers on the Mound - http://www.flowersonthemound.com/
A friend of Craig's mom who has recently gotten her own flower shop. She was very organized and had great ideas that built on the vision that I had for our wedding.

BIG Things left to do:
- Bridesmaid dresses
- Tuxes
- Save the Date and Invitations

This fall I'm going to take my bridal portraits in Deep Ellum (during the day) because there are a ton of bright buildings and funky places to take pictures. But don't worry Mom, I'll get plenty of pretty photos on the day of the wedding. We're also going to take our engagement photos and I'm totally lost on where to take those or what to wear. I know that we need to incorporate sports and school somehow, but I also want some funky pictures as well...and yes, I want to have Angie in a few pictures too. Hmm...any ideas?

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