Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Worry List

I've been a blogging fool lately and I think it's because blogging gives me a chance to get thoughts out of my head and somewhat organized onto "paper" or at least where I can sort them out visually. I think I'm just a little overwhelmed with...everything...right now. I know what you're thinking: "How stressful is summer vacation?" For those of you who know and love me dearly, know that I can make a day at the spa a stressful situation. So here is my current list of worries and hopefully by putting them out on this blog, I'll be able to see things more clearly and therefore ward off any impending anxiety attacks.

She has been VERY stubborn lately and absolutely does not follow instructions when being told to go outside to potty. Today it all came to a head when I tried to pick her off a bare and not blanket covered couch (my mistake) and she released her entire bladder on the couch cushions. I yelled at her...with obsenities...and she got really scared of me. And then I felt bad, but I was still pissed about her pissing all over the couch. Luckily the couches are Scotchguarded or whatever and for those of you who visit my house...they are safe to sit on. But regardless, I'm still frustrated with her stubborness and my own reaction to her stubborness. I think it might be time to institute some doggie training classes.

There are a few things that are really stressing me out about this whole wedding thing: bridesmaid dresses, bridal portraits and engagement photos. I don't like picking out clothes for other people that they will only wear once which I am making them pay for. I know that they are all my friends and love me dearly and are thrilled to be part of my wedding...I think that makes me feel guiltier about having them buy a dress! As for the photo sessions, I'm just really confused about how, when and where to schedule them as well as what we're going to wear and how I have to do my hair and do I need flowers?! And unfortunately, Craig is no help for any of these problems.

I'm changing schools this year because of the fact that I am marrying Craig. I won't be too far from my former school and I'll actually be closer to our house. I'll be the head volleyball coach and I'll also teach 6th grade PE classes which is pretty much my dream job because I'll get to wear work out clothes everyday of the year. But on the other hand, I'm extremely nervous because now I have to be in charge and do everything that I promised the principal I could do. I'm not going to try to go into this year with lofty aspirations of turning the entire athletic program around...after all, Rome wasn't built in a day...but I do want to be successful and have everything run relatively smoothly. I'm leaving my comfort zone and I never do well with that. Unfortunately, right now there isn't too much I can do to quell this anxiety and I'm anticipating that it will only grow from now until August. Also...I haven't even packed up and moved out of my old classroom and so I have to do that sometime at the beginning of August as well.

Next week will be an incredibly busy and chaotic week for our little household. Craig has his big NCAA certified basketball tournament starting on Wednesday and ending Friday but in the meantime he is frantically trying to wrap up any loose ends as well as putting together the brackets and coaches packets. He has been spending a lot of time in the Man Cave working on stuff and it is generally staying out of the rest of the house, but his stress definitely has spread and I'm nervous for him that everything will get accomplished and in the way that he wants it to be done. Unfortunately I won't be much help to him next week in preparing for the tourney because I will be at the high school volleyball camp all week from early in the morning until the late afternoon. Volleyball camp is always fun - but I'm nervous about having to leave Angie in her kennel for the first time for a full day. And to top off a busy week, we are leaving for the Bahamas on the Saturday directly after all this craziness and that means packing, shipping Angie to my parents, and making sure I have the proper clothes and plenty of books to read.

I guess those are all my big worries but I still have a few little ones:
- I have two friends coming over to swim in the morning and I have to pick up the house. They both have never seen the house and I want to make sure that it looks pretty for them. Granted, I probably could have avoided this stress by getting off the blogosphere and actually picking up and maybe that's why I'm frustrated with myself.
- My calendar is not updated right now and there are a lot of things that we have to do that are coming up. I feel all out of sorts with my schedule and I...again...should probably get off the bed and the computer and actually write my stuff on the calendar.
- Harry Potter VI: The Half Blood Prince comes out in theaters tonight at midnight and it's the first time since HP III that I'm not going to be in line at midnight with my college roomie Lauren to watch the movie. I feel guilty. Isn't that ridiculous?!

Okay...I'm getting the hint and getting off the computer...must detach self and actually get work accomplished. Might feel better afterwards perhaps? Will let you know.

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