Monday, July 13, 2009

"Soccer Mom"

This past weekend was the first weekend that I had to be separated from my baby, Angie. Craig and I packed up our stuff and loaded her up into the car and dropped her off early Friday morning at my parent's house before we drove down to a basketball tournament in San Antonio. Although she knows my parents and the cousins, Andy and Annabelle, it was hard to see the look of abandonment and fear in her eyes as we walked out the door and left her in my mother's arms.

Sigh. Being a mother is tough...even if it is only to a 20 lb. bundle of shedding fur and flying tongue.

During our trip, I got a glimpse into our future together as a family as I watched other families with players unload out of their SUVs. In the backs of every Tahoe or Suburban sat stacked numerous gym bags, coolers and grocery sacks full of "road trip snacks." Every mom seemed to come equipped with Gatorade and bags of chips for refueling in between games.

I sat away from the main group of parents, seeing as how I didn't really know any of them and I'm typically a little shy when approaching large groups of people, but also because I love the coach of their children's team. And frankly...I didn't want to hear any negative comments about the coaching, the players or the refs. As coaches, Craig and I tend to believe that while a player is on the field or the court, there is only one person she or he should be listening to - and that's their coach. There parents in the stands, although very educated or very well meaning, don't always understand the greater idea that is running through the coaches mind during the game. Believe me, we always have a gameplan and unfortunately, it doesn't always involve your daughter, or the actions you keep shouting at your daughter! Will I want my children to perform their best during whichever sport they decide to play? Of course! But at the same time, I want them to be a team player and pay attention to their coach, because that's the person who is in charge - I'm just there for support.

Well, that's the plan anyways.

Upon seeing our future as a family, I'm okay with it. Our mutual love for kids and sports brought us together and that's where we will find joy in our lives as a family.

"But wait," you might say, "what if your kids aren't (gasp) ATHLETES? What if they enjoy...marching band?" Well, Craig and I have discussed that possibility and his comment was that he's going to be the loudest parent cheering for their kid during the marching band presentation at half time. BUT...he also added that our kids will have a basketball put in their hands at a very young age.

All in all, we definitely had a good time in San Antonio, but we were also very happy to pick up our pup and then get into our own bed on Sunday night! The next three weeks are going to be pretty hectic with Craig having two big three day tournaments, me at volleyball camp next week and then we're off to the Bahamas for a week!

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