Monday, July 8, 2013

Day booking

It's been awhile since I've done one of these and I'm feeling quite introspective, so here we go. 

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Outside my's warm and dark.  The cicadas that are the background music to every Texas summer have gone to sleep. 

I am thinking...of all that I learned today at TEKS training through school. Implementing new standards while still preparing my students for the state test AND working in technology will be tough. And exhausting. And overwhelming. But I'm ready. I think. 

I am thankful...for my friend Kristin's safe delivery of her precious baby boy. She and I have been friends since 7th grade basketball and even though we hit a major speed bump in our relationship, things have come full circle and I'm so blessed to call her a dear friend once again. 

In the kitchen...I made something completely and terribly unhealthy, but wonderfully delicious. A combination of Oreos, cool whip, vanilla pudding, cream cheese, milk and powdered sugar. Yum. 

I am jammies, as Natalie calls them. 

I am creating...I haven't started decorating it yet, but Natalie has a "think it over" chair in the works that will hopefully provide her a safe spot to stew, cry and whine until she is ready to talk to Momma and Daddy like a big girl. 

I am the new Perot museum in Dallas tomorrow with a friend and her little girl. 

I am wondering...what the future holds for my family. Will we stay where we are at? Will Craig follow his high school coaching aspirations? I wish I had a crystal ball...

I am reading...finishing up my all-time favorite novel and movie....Gone With The Wind. I hate finishing it up because I always hope that Rhett won't leave Scarlett and they'll get their "happily ever after."

I am hoping...for Craig's safety as he travels in the next few weeks for basketball. 

I am looking forward 30th birthday party next month. Just a good dinner with lots of friends, wine and fun. Perfect. 

I am learning...about being a prayerful wife. My husband carries himself with an air of great confidence and security - like he knows exactly who he is and that he's got it all figured out. But in the past six months I've seen snippets here and there of a man who might question himself and his place in this world. I have really committed myself to praying for him more frequently because I can't physically fix the issues, but I can appeal to a higher power on his behalf. 

Around the house...not much is to be done. With both Craig and I being home full-time there are plenty of hands on deck to take care of Tracy collection, laundry, dishes and toy management. 

A favorite quote for today..."I love you Momma Nelson." That is a memory I will keep in my heart forever. 

One of my favorite things...hearing the pure glee in my mother's voice as she described all the fun she and my dad had with Natalie today.  

A peek into my day...
She built a barge...just like the ones we saw on our beach vacation. 


Mrs. Homesteader said...

I like your "think it over" chair. sounds much nicer than "timeout". There is a sequel to Gone with the Wind, Scarlett, but I can't remember who the author was. I have learned to pray for my hubby every day. He is very "confident and secure" as your husband is but they still need strength from God to make the decisions and live an upright life in todays world. I enjoyed my first visit to La La's Land! :)

Eileen Miller said...

I used to love it when the kids were little and grandma and grandpa could watch and play with them. Now my kids are growing up and we only have our grandma's still living. It would be too much for my mom to watch my seven year old now.