Friday, May 31, 2013

Two + Three Months

I'm crossing my fingers as I type this far, the age of two with Natalie hasn't been all that terrible.  Or bad.  Or tolerable.

I would even offer up the word delightful, joyful, hilarious and beautiful.

She is truly my beautiful child, both inside and out.  

She is sweet, caring and nurturing with her friends while still holding her ground.  She delights in the world around her - finding joy and hilarity in the bunny rabbits that hop nervously across our yard to the pairing of ducks who waddle up from the park down the street.  She thinks every truck is a BIG truck and is the first to alert us any time a jet comes streaming across the sky.  She jumps, hops, gallops and bear crawls across the floor.  She rattles off adorable prayers for her Nonna, Mike, Amy, all her day-care buddies...and chicken nuggets.  

We conversate over dinner and giggle at her funny faces.  We cuddle in the mornings with milk, coffee and Mickey Mouse.  We play hide and seek in the evenings and are working on the staying put part.  We do chores, sing songs and do gymnastics in the living room.

We are almost three months into two...and it's so, so WONDERFUL.

I dressed Natalie.  I dressed myself.  Separately.  Then I looked in the mirror.  

The prelude to her infamous shaving experiment.

Just a regular morning in bed watching Mouse, cuddling baby and reading books.

My big girl with her big pigtails.

The pretty dress Granddaddy bought her for her birthday.  She wore it to the baby shower of a friend of mine from high school.  She was approachable, sweet, helpful and left the party by giving tons of hugs.

Two.  Is.  Fun.


Meagan said...

Rest assured that it is possible to escape the twos unscathed! With three months remaining, Preslie has not experienced terrible twos. Of course that means that either Blakely will be a holy terror, or Preslie will have the terrible threes...but as for twos, just know that Natalie very well may escape them all together!!!!!

Laura said...

And I'm hoping that I didn't just jinx myself by writing this post!