Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I'm Gonna Be A Supermodel

Awhile back at a book club meeting, one of the ladies asked if any of the women would be interested in helping her grow her portfolio of beauty shots for her burgeoning photography business.  She explained that it would be free hair and make-up with a photo session and all the photos would go on her website as well as part of the portfolio of the hair and make-up girls. 

I'm no dummy so of course I jumped at the chance.

On a Sunday afternoon in April I left Natalie with one of my 8th grade athletes and headed out of the house with zero make-up on and my hair frizzy from being blow-dried but with no product.

It took the girls about two hours to get my face and hair all done but here are the results...all photography was done by Tammy Novak of Tammy Novak Photography.

Sweet mother of pearl...I have a lot of hair.  I sat in the chair for TWO HOURS while they created all those illustrious curls.

I personally like this one because it shows what buckets of personality I have.

This one might be Craig's favorite.

Sorry for the crappy quality of picture - something happened during the transfer from website to iPad to Blogger.

I'm going to tell you a secret.  This was not the first time I've had hair and make-up done for a photo session.  Before Craig and I got married and back when I had a bangin' pre-baby body, I did a "boudoir" style album as a wedding present for my to-be hubby.  It was nothing terribly scandalous - all pictures I could (and did) show to my mother.  A few pictures of me in his Dallas Stars jersey, some bridal photos, a sporty tank top with a basketball - just cute fun stuff.

Obviously I did those photos for Craig to enjoy, but secretly for myself as well - so that someday (which apparently is NOW) I could look back and remember how smokin' hot I used to be.

Ha.  Just kidding.

Kind of.

But seriously, sometimes since having Natalie...I don't feel so hot.  I'm bigger than I used to be, I don't have as much time for pretty hair and make-up and since I have just been teaching PE for the past four years, my fabulous closet full of clothes has shrunk to just a few key items to wear on game days.

And then I get mad at myself for not appreciating the fact that in the grand scheme of body types on this planet - I got pretty lucky to be able to gain a few pounds and not have it show.

But back to these specific photos.

As I glanced through the beautiful photos that Tammy took I realized that I wasn't looking at a girl smiling pretty for the camera, but instead at a woman who has lived, who has life experiences, who understands so much about this world...but at the same time hasn't been completely jaded by it.

The pictures reminded me that I still AM that beautiful girl that I felt was lost beneath piles of laundry, mortgage payments, bedtime stories and volleyball practices.   

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annajanine said...

Those pics are AWESOME! I love them all! What a treat for you...and you're such a natural in front of the camera!