Friday, March 8, 2013


Our campus officially started the transition from PCs to Apple this week and I am trying desperately to contain my giddiness.

Look at these beautiful pieces of technology.

(MacBook Pro + iPad + iPhone) = one happy girl

So in this process of switching all my JUNK over from my PC laptop to those beauties up there, I came across our family pictures.

More specifically.....THESE kinds of family pictures.

A candid photo taken by my friend Amy while she and our friend Heather were helping me put the finishing touches on Natalie's nursery.

Just a few weeks before her birth!

I do believe that Angie misses being an "only child."

Minutes after her birth, two years ago today.

I remember this moment vividly....I looked down at her crying and glanced at Craig, terrified.  
"What do I do with her?  Why is she crying and how do I stop it?"

The spitting image of her daddy.

Nonna, Momma and Natalie

Snoozing comfortably in Daddy's arms.

The first night at home, all swaddled up in pink.

And now she's two and full of spirit, giggles, opinions and love.
Happy birthday my sweet girl.


Erin said...

Happy Birthday to Natalie!!! Hope y'all have a wonderful time this weekend celebrating :)

Anonymous said...

Looking back, it's amazing how much she has changed in two years! Love this beautiful, charming granddaughter!