Saturday, March 2, 2013

No Pinterest Party

Natalie's birthday party was today.

It wasn't Pinterest-worthy or professionally photographed.

There was nothing homemade...there was hardly even a theme.

But there was laughter and screeches, running and jumping, snacks, juice and the all important cupcake.

Natalie galloped with glee across the gym floor, bounced with her friends on the trampoline and catapulted herself into the foam pit.

Seventeen children left with a goody bag, a full belly and flush cheeks framing their wide smiles.

It wasn't the decor, the theme or the food that made her party a success. It was the people we love who came and celebrated our daughter. The friends that gave hugs and gifts, the adults that joined in the fun and the grandmothers who tried to take pictures of the whole thing.

It was about a two year old little girl whose eyes grew wide when the birthday song was sung to her and who quickly blew out her candle while grinning as the room filled with cheers.

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