Friday, February 25, 2011

Some important milestones...

1.  Last Saturday my mom and I worked all day doing laundry and organizing things in preparation for Natalie's arrival.  At one point, I was face down on the bed lying on a pillow so my mom could rub my back.  She went downstairs to change laundry loads and left me lying on the bed just resting.  When she was gone, I felt a weird "boom, boom, boom" feeling in my belly and I immediately rolled over, thinking that was Natalie's way of telling me that I was crushing her.  Then I switched off pregnancy brain and turned on my rational brain and thought to myself "'s not me crushing her...maybe that was her swooshing around and moving into head-down position."  But I didn't want to get my hopes up, so I tried to dismiss that thought.

2. This week at work has been very difficult - not because of the kids or the weather or my coworkers but because of my body.  I feel like I have been riding a horse for a week.  I remembered what my friend Beri had told me about experiencing her own daughter's movements when she turned and our experiences are similar.  But again...I didn't want to get my hopes up that there might be an end in sight, so I tried to dismiss that thought.

3. Thursday afternoon I had my weekly doctor's appointment (week 37 to be exact) and I told my doctor how I have been feeling and as she was measuring my belly...she confirmed my thoughts - Natalie has turned head down and I'm actually dilated one centimeter. 

4. Pregnancy for the first time is weird for me.  I've always been in control of things and the answer to almost all of my questions could be answered by Google or any of my dear friends.  But pregnancy isn't like that.  You can Google "pre labor signs" and every website will list certain signs and symptoms, but they all end with "every pregnancy is different."  It's all so vague because every woman's experience can differ vastly from one another.  But I just knew something was different.  I told Craig on Tuesday night: "something in my body has changed since Saturday.  Things are different and I don't know why or what it means...but I feel different."  And it turns out that I was right.  Not only was this comforting, knowing that there really is going to be an end and I will get a beautiful baby out of this whole experience, but I was pretty proud of my ability to recognize and trust my own intuition.

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