Friday, February 18, 2011

Becoming a Family

I know that I'm a mom.  I didn't feel that maternal urge right away like some women do, but it has been steadily growing over the course of the past nine months...just like my belly.  I've seen changes in the way that I approach my students when I teach and how I deal with them when they are acting less than desirably.  I knew that the little alien growing in my belly was going to make Craig, Angie and I officially a "family."  I had visions of Mommy-Natalie dates to the park and the pool with my friends.  I already made my mom promise that every Christmas we three ladies would get dressed up and have a fancy lunch followed by the Nutcracker ballet.  I've already pictured her entire life and our relationship at every stage.

But I forgot one thing...

This baby in my belly is not just mine.  I'm not just creating a daughter for myself, but a precious little girl for Craig as well.  A few nights ago I walked into the hallway outside of the laundry room and stopped.  Before my eyes laid the most precious scene: my broad shouldered, Adidas clad husband was folding the teeny, tiniest of pink pants with such delicateness.  After he finished, he placed them carefully in her overnight bag for the hospital and then started on her muslin swaddling blankets.  As I stood there I realized something - this man was going to become a daddy.  And not just any daddy...but a daddy to the little girl that I already love so much that is patiently growing inside of me.  And she and he are going to have their own special and magical relationship completely seperate of mine with her.  And in this thought and in that moment, I was fully satisfied and content in the knowledge that I had picked such a special man to be such an important part of her life.

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