Saturday, August 1, 2009

The End is Near

Holy crap.
Summer vacation has only a mere two weeks left.
Please someone - tell me what I did with almost two months off because now that I'm seeing the end of the summer I feel completely behind in the wedding planning that I thought I would get done. I truly anticipated having so much more accomplished but lying in the sun for days on end has the magical ability to warp your brain of any inspiration to move and be ambitious in any sort of way.
So here I am on the heels of a magnificant vacation in the Bahamas...almost feeling like I should already be married, but yet with still so much to get done. So I'm closing down the pool (at least for a few hours) and putting my nose to the grindstone to cross off a few more things on my list.
Here we go:
- Find the engagement picture CD and create our Save the Dates as well as print them off and stick magnets to the back.
- Gather guest list from our mothers and compile them with mine in an Excel spreadsheet. Stick a fire hot rod on Craig's butt to get him moving and completing his section of the guest list.
- Call Elizabeth's Bridal and check on the status of my hair *bling.*
- Take dress to get altered in shoulders (too big) and bodice (can't lose weight in ribcage).
- Pick a date to definitively go look at bridesmaid dresses and email bridesmaids about this event. Print off pictures from Amy to take with me when shopping.
- Call wedding photographer and set up dates to take engagement and bridal pictures. Must consult volleyball and basketball tournament schedules as well as my mother's calendar.
- Talk with Craig's mom about the flowers and confirm with florist as well as make a payment.
- On a completely different note...I need a haircut desperately! The ends of my hair are totally fried between my severe addiction to my straightener, the continuous sunbathing and swimming in salt and chlorine.
- Sometime I need to officially move out of my classroom as well as return my keys and work shirt.
That's everything I'm going to try to get taken care of next week and then the week after that I'm going to focus on making sure that I have everything prepared for my new job as the head volleyball coach.
Ugh...I just realized that summer really is over if I'm making To-Do lists...bummer.

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