Monday, August 3, 2009

Crossing Things Off

This wedding and the acquisition of Angie into our house has really brought out a different side of Craig. He is more open with his affection and love and also more in tune to making sure that both the ladies in his home are well taken care of. Case in point - last night Angie and I were cuddling in bed while I caught up on DVR and played The Sims on my computer. I was a bit down and Craig could tell that immediately when he came into the bedroom. After unloading on him about my looming To-Do list his first response was "What can I do?" and not in a whiny manner but instead in a way that truly meant "what can I do to relieve this stress of your shoulders and help you get a few things accomplished on your list?" So I set him upon contacting his Uncle Tim and finalizing our Save-The-Date cards. A little while later I was called into his Man Cave and presented with this:

His Uncle Tim had taken photos at our engagement party at the beginning of the summer and done a few artsy pictures with the prints. We asked him to put the necessary Save-The-Date info on there and voila! This is what he came up with! It is definitely even more amazing than I expected and I can't wait to send them out at the end of August. We're going to get them printed at a professional print shop (hopefully on stronger paper than just picture paper) and then stick magnets on the back. I'm going to buy some envelopes and clear labels and we will just print addresses onto labels and then stick them on the envelopes. It sounds like a lot of work, but I do tend to watch lots of DVR television and this is probably more productive than surfing Facebook or playing Flowerz through MSN games.
But before we can send them out we have to have addresses for people so we are in the process of finalizing that as well. I've send out emails begging for any of the remaining addresses I need and Craig has stepped up and filled out a bit of his list as well. Next thing that is up is getting lists from our mothers and then counting and proofing the lists before we start sending things out.
I also called my mom last night and I'm meeting up with her tomorrow to take my dress to be altered, to pick up my hair band for the wedding as well as look at and possibly try on and choose bridesmaid dresses. If I'm able to get all that stuff done tomorrow that will be another big weight off my shoulders.
I spoke with Craig last night about my frustration and worry about scheduling and picking places for the engagement photos and after some discussion, we came up with some great ideas.
- 1st Location: The duck pond by our house. There are some great landscapes for pictures by the pond with the fountain and the grass and maybe even some on the playground! We're also going to take Angie with us for some pictures because she is such a vital member of our family.
- 2nd Location: The school gym. If it wasn't for coaching and our school, we wouldn't have ever met and fallen in love. Sigh. So it seems fitting to take some pictures in there. I know it sounds strange, but I figured we could pull out the bleachers and get out some basketball and volleyballs.
- 3rd Location: Downtown Main St. Grapevine. This will probably be the majority of our pictures because there are so many great spots to take some really creative photos.
Now all I have to do is contact our photographer and make sure we can make it happen!
As for the other items on my To-Do list, Craig and I are moving me out of my classroom sometime today after I take Ms. Angie to the vet. Speaking of Angie, she has been doing extremely well since we got back from vacation. Whatever my parent's did with her during her stay with Grandaddy, Nonna and the cousins...worked. She hasn't peed or pooped inside, she lets us know when she has to go potty, she will get in her kennel on her own (if you plop her down right in front of it) and she completely understands SIT, STAY and NO. I think Angie has taught Craig and I a lot about "parenting" because we had all these plans for rules with our new dog but when we got her home we realized that she has her own ideas and needs which didn't necessarily jibe with our original plans for raising this dog. So we had to adjust our thinking on some things (the dog sleeps on our bed) but be more strict/vigilant on other things we hadn't originally thought would be a problem (outdoor potty training and submissive wetter). All in all, we've been able to create a dog that is obedient to what we expect in our house but at the same time still has the freedom to be her own person...or dog I suppose.

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