Sunday, April 19, 2009

Six weeks left of school!!!

Week of: April 19 - 25

First of all - how did last week turn out?

- We had the longest track meet ever...three entries in each event from seven schools!!! We had a few of our girls qualify for the district meet and a lot of girls get really close - 5th or 6th place. The weather cooperated and it was only mildly chilly once the sun went down. Unfortunately, it was hard on the legs and hard on the body - Wednesday morning was a long one that's for sure.

- Craig and I both had our doctor's appointments for our knees on Wednesdays both of which could have turned out a bit better but I know it's something that we'll get through together. Acting out of love (and pity) my parents took us out to dinner on Friday night and we went to Babe's for some fried chicken...mmm...definitely a dinner to soothe the soul.
- Saturday morning I oke up early with Craig and went to see his 4th grade basketball team play in a tournament that he was not in charge of. Unfortunately, they did lose...but they were playing against 5th graders. Either way, they were still pretty cute and vaguely reminded me of my early years in the sports. It also gave me a glimpse into the future of Craig coaching our own kids which was very sweet to see.
I am looking forward to...
- Track season ends on Tuesday night at the district meet. Due to circumstances outside of my control, track season has been incredibly difficult this year. From scheduling practices to fighting for facilities with the's been a long season. But I'm excited to see my three long and triple jumping 7th graders compete on the district level.
- We've got a lot of things scheduled for this weekend: the Mavs/Spurs game on Thursday night with our friends Doug and Linda (Spurs fans), dinner with my family and my mother's college room mate on Friday and then a crawfish boil at Doug's house on Saturday afternoon and evening. Hopefully Doug won't poison our crawfish after our Mavs beat his Spurs on Thursday evening. :)
I wish I could fast forward through...
- I have an MRI tomorrow afternoon at 1:00. I'm not looking forward to it for many reasons, one of which is me having to take the afternoon off from work. I hate missing school and I hate taking days off. Although I have a great substitute coming just makes me nervous. Especially when I have to leave because of not fun reasons like being stuck in a closed in tube for thirty minutes while they take pictures of my knee.
- The Non-Qualifiers Track Meet on Monday night. Yes. You read that correctly. Our district is going for the "Feel Good District of the Year" and they love to make sure that every student is included in every sport. We have a track meet for those kids that didn't make the district track meet (or any other meet for that matter). I understand the mindset of making sure that kids feel like they are included and that their hard work during practices has been appreciated, but I also think that it is feeding the entitlement that so many young people have today. So many parents are afraid of telling their children "no" or acknowledging that their child might not be the best at something. I can distinctly remember my mother telling me not to get my hopes up for making the 7th grade basketball team...and this was the night before the teams were picked! maybe I was a little bit cocky but she just wanted to make sure that I knew nothing in life was guaranteed and that there is always the possibility of someone being better than me. I think that kids who never realize that there is someone better than them out there never strive to be anything better than what they already are.
Right now I'm obsessed with...

- I made the mistake of baking a loaf of Chocolate Chip Banana Bread for Craig the week that he had his knee surgery. He immediately became addicted (with the statement of "Baby you're a liar. You always said you can't cook. But you can. This is goooood." Yeah...he had just taken a pain pill) and now requests a breakfast-y type bread baked for him at the beginning of the week. This week's bread? Cinnamon Streusel. We'll see if he likes it as much as the Chocolate Chip Banana Bread. Regardless, I have enjoyed making something yummy and delicious for him to eat in the mornings.

- Putting more stuff up in the house. I kind of go through spurts of inspired decorating...and latent decorating. A couple weeks ago, Craig and I cruised around one weekend afternoon and stopped by a few home decorating stores in addition to my beloved Target. I got some pictures developed as well as picked up a few frames. I've spent the past few days putting things in frames and then hanging them up. Craig said to me today "it's starting to look like we live here." Yeah...because the laundry on the floor and the dishes in the sink don't?!

On my mind...

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