Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Belated Sunday

Week of: April 12 - 18

First of all - how did last week turn out?
Craig had knee surgery on Friday, April 3rd so he was mostly recovering last week. In general, his surgery went much better than expected and therefore his recovery should not be as long as we thought it was going to be. Although I had absolutely no problem taking care of him while he was immobile on the Monday afternoon after a long day back at work, I was ready for him to be up and moving on his own again. We had a sit-down pow-wow about the status of his recovery and how I was beginning to get a wee bit exhausted. On Tuesday, Craig was able to get up and go to work, but he only stayed halfway through the day before I had to take him home - he was still hobbling around on crutches and that became exhausting for him. When I returned home later in the day around 5:00, he seemed genuinely relieved and excited to see me and promptly handed me a card. It was a "Thanks for everything" card with a handwritten note from him regarding an appointment for me on Friday at a local spa that he had made. Sigh. On Friday morning while Craig was at his first rehab appointment...I was getting an hour massage followed by a facial and then a pedicure. It was exactly what I needed. I would love to report on other things that happened last week...but honestly it seemed like everything mostly circulated around his knee.

I am looking forward to...
- Working on my scrapbook of our Vegas vacation last summer for my 25th birthday. I absolutely love to scrapbook - but I'm not one of those crazy soccer moms that have the scrapbooking suitcase (yet). I just love the process of picking out paper, stickers and pictures and organizing them all into a creative memory. It's something creative and hands-on for me to do while watching a mindless movie or television program.
- My doctor's appointment for my bum knee on Wednesday at 3:30...keep your fingers crossed! I don't think we can go through two knee surgeries in one month. On one hand...I just want to know what iswrong andhow we're goingto fix it...SOON!

I wish I could fast forward through...

- Lesson planning. I know that this item has been on the "fast forward" list for several weeks now. But please realize that there are 7 weeks plus finals week of school left. We teachers are as "done" as the kids are with school. This is the last long stretch which is always the hardest because there aren't anymore holidays or days off between now (just after Easter) and the end of school. I'm just not inspired right now to come up with fun and inventive lessons.
- Making and going to a doctor's appointment for my knee. Yes. MY knee. A week before Craig's knee surgery, my right knee began to become a little bit sore and swollen feeling in the back when I would come home from work. I just chalked it up to being on my feet all day and resolved to rest more (ie: sitting at my desk). The Wednesday night before Craig's surgery (April 1st) I played two hours of volleyball and could barely walk when I got home. Okay. So the pain had migrated from being isolated to the area behind my knee, to encircling my entire knee (sides, front and back) and even somehow worked the soreness down my calf and up into my thigh. With a sinking feeling, I knew that the aches and pains in my knee was NOT normal soreness from standing all day, but instead something is structurally wrong with my knee. Great. I told Craig it was kind of sore, but left it at that because I didn't want to seem like I was trying to get attention away from his surgery. I felt guilty complaining about MY knee problems when he was about to go into surgery for his. So I ignored it and went on about my business of taking care of him throughout his ordeal. I was intensely jealous of his pain medication, as well as the super awesome icing system they sent home with him from the surgery center. But I kept my mouth shut because I knew that he truly needed them, while my pain was only secondary and something I felt that I could easily ignore. Fast forward a week to tonight. I played outside briefly with my nephews and sister-in-law (and Andy the dog) with a few blow up beach balls out in the side driveway of my parent's house...and I cannot walk properly because of pain and swelling. I no longer have pain strictly in the evening, but it is waking me up at 3:00 in the morning and bothering me all day. As I type this, I have it wrapped up and hooked up to the ice machine (which is so totally awesome) as well as propped up on two pillows...and it still hurts. So...I promised Craig (who I believe is tired of me whining) that I would call the doctor tomorrow to set up an appointment for my knee for sometime this week. Wish me luck...

Right now I'm obsessed with...

- VH1's Tough Love television series. Yes it is a reality show, but I think it actually has a pretty cool and much needed premise. It's all about a tough talking male matchmaker who is putting eight or so misguided in love girls through a boot camp on how to find a good match in a man. It's not just about dressing the part or saying the right things. This guy host really tells the girls how it is - how their behavior, actions and patterns are setting themselves up for dating and love disaster. I can see so much of myself in some of these girls...some of them are so obsessed with the "type" that they see themselves with that they completely are forgetting to look at the person behind the "type." I'm proud to say that I could be a "Tough Love" graduate - Craig is the exact opposite "type" that I pictured myself with a few years ago...but yet he is exactly everything that I ever wanted in a guy and I couldn't be happier.
- Our engagement party invitations. We're having a small engagement party with our families and bridal party at the beginning of June at the horseraces. We've reserved a suite through Craig's basketball company and we're really looking forward to a great evening of horse racing, eating and a Cross Canadian Ragweed concert afterwards! As soon as we set our plans in stone with the park, I immediately knew what I wanted to do for invitations. I dragged Craig to Target and picked up these blank invitations with RSVP cards. They're tan with green imprints of dandelion looking flowers on them. I saw them several months ago and knew that they would fit in perfectly with the vision of the wedding I wanted to have. I bought a pack of 50 for 34.99 and asked Craig to just trust my vision - I had a creative plan that I knew would look great. I typed up the wording of the invitation with all the necessary details as well as one of my favorite Beatles quotes at the bottom: "All you need is love. Love is all you need." I printed one off and handed it to Craig. His response was honest and genuine: "Wow sweetie. These are really good. They look great - you did a great job. You're so good at stuff like that. You should really take an art class or something."

On my mind...

- Lindsay Lohan. Britney Spears. Paris Hilton. Nicole Richie. They've all had their public meltdowns and their drunken insanity nights. Great! Good to know that for awhile there, they were all normal twenty-something women. The media constantly seems to be attacking these girls for their lack of underwear, excessive drinking and overall obnoxious and unbecoming behavior. This week, Lindsay's head is on the chopping block because of the extremely destructive manner in which she seems to be taking her apparent break-up from Samantha Ronson. I am in no way condoning their behavior but I would like for the media to swing the camera lenses at their own twenty something daughter who is in her late college or early career years. Chances are...their daughters behavior is not that much classier than the young starlets we see splashed across the covers of US Weekly and written about in Perez Hilton. Unfortunately, I'm sure that if I had people following me around at 22 years old with cameras...they would have captured the same scenes as the ones Paris, Britney and Lindsay have provided us with. Am I excusing them of their behavior? Certainly not. I do feel like they chose their lifestyle and subsequently chose to be in the public eye. In doing so, you must know that most of your freedom and privacy is going to be given up or restricted. You just have to know that everything you do will and is going to be front page news! But here's the most important point I'd like to make....regardless of status of celebrity-hood, when women behave like this to the extreme that Britney and Lindsay have, it goes beyond the carefree adventures of youth and enters the much more dangerous arena of addiction, mental illness and life threatening situations. These girls are crying out for help and as a nation, we sit back and observe their adventures as if it were a sport. Sit back in your seats and eat your popcorn as you witness the self destruction of young, talented and beautiful girls. Doesn't sound like your idea of fun, huh? So today I'm making a resolution and even though it most likely won't do anything to really help their personal situation...I'm going to stop reading and being fascinated by the slow and torturous demise of the young starlets like Lindsay and my beloved Britney (although Brit Brit does seem to be on the path to awesome-ness once again). I'm not going to sit around and watch these women destroy themselves because I've been there and I am glad it's not all caught on tape.

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