Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Wedding...thus far

So I know that I haven't really blogged that much about the wedding and what we're planning but it's just because it is really so far away that I haven't really planned that many fun details.

We've chosen the place:

The Marriott at Champion Circle in Fort Worth by the Speedway
Bouquets: I'm thinking that the mainly green flower bouquet will really contrast dramatically with chocolate brown bridesmaid dresses.

Cakes: I really like the colors and intricate designs on this one...I just don't like the stripes and the really BRIGHT green contrasting with the chocolate and light green.

I really love the design on this cake...the intricity and delicateness of the branches climbing up the cake, but obviously I would go with a light green frosting, chocolate brown branches and then white accent flowers.

Centerpieces and overall decor:
I'm not sure if we'll really be able to pull off a "signature" cocktail...but I did have quite the penchant for Appletinis in college.

Along the aisle chairs at the ceremony

I have seen these centerpieces all over the place and since green is my favorite color of fruit (apples, pears and grapes) I figured it would be an easy and inexpensive way of dressing up the tables. I even have a co-worker that is willing to lend me the vases and stands from her own daughter's wedding...which happened to have the same color scheme as mine.

Hopefully, you are seeing the general trend and theme that I am going for with our wedding...a hippie-forest chic wedding. We'll see if I can really pull it all together and make it look good!

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