Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Week of: March 15th - 21st

First of all - how did last week turn out?
- All the track meets were cancelled because Mother Nature's viscious side appeared and she sent us three days of cold weather and rain. Yay for rain because we needed it, but boo for cold weather - I had already gotten my toes done and brought out my flip-flops in anticipation that winter was truly over.
- My basketball game on Friday went well. Craig did end up going and he was very supportive and very...quiet. I told him before we went that he had to take off his critical coaching hat and put on his supportive fiance hat during the game. I played defense pretty well - got some rebounds and pushed some girls around BUT my offense was terrible. I was posting up and getting the passes very easily but I couldn't get the ball through the bucket. Ahh...oh well. At least Craig got to see me throw two girls to the ground during a jump ball - I just wanted him to see that I am really tough.

I am looking forward to...
- LAS VEGAS!!! We are flying out on Wednesday afternoon and will be returning late Saturday night. We're staying at THE Hotel at Mandalay Bay and we have already planned lots of fun stuff to do like lying around the pool, going to a Cirque de Soleil show and getting massages.
- Sleeping in. It is officially Spring Break and I am looking forward to sleeping in and being lazy with Craig.
- Going shopping for Vegas and springtime clothing. I haven't really shopped for myself in forever and I am excited about getting new things.

I wish I could fast forward through...
- Monday and Tuesday's meetings with photographers and DJ's. It's not the most exciting part of planning a wedding and I'm not looking forward to facing the price tag that it's going to take to get what we want.
- Packing and unpacking for Vegas. It's the most difficult and stressful part of the journey for me.

Right now I'm obsessed with...
- the thought of getting my hair cut. I used to have short, choppy and layered black hair. But...since dating Craig I've realized that he thinks I'm beautiful just the way God made me and I've found myself laying off all the expensive shopping, the face full of makeup and the extreme hair cuts and colors in the past year. My hair has returned to it's natural color and has grown past my shoulders. BUT there is this nasty bottom layer that is looking a little rough and never seems to do what I ask so therefore, I must remove it from my head and preferably before we leave for Vegas.
- Playing the game Dynomite from PopCap games on the computer while watching the Real Housewives of NYC on Bravo. It's my guilty pleasure and is surprisingly relaxing for me. It's just astonishing that women are so ridiculous.

On my mind...
- Craig's bum knee. He's had several surgeries on his left knee before all due to a torn ACL at one point in time and his knee is beginning to lock up and give him pain again. He has an appointment with his knee surgeon for next Wednesday (March 25th), but he's pretty sure he already knows the outcome which will most likely be more surgery. I'm just trying to convince him to ice it, stay off of it and use crutches for the next two days before we fly to Vegas.

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Molly said...

I found you! Congrats on the engagement. I guess the boy of the week club is officially closed down now. Missed you, but hope Vegas is the best. I'm jealous! Molly