Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's Not About the Ring

We went looking at rings a few weeks ago after a particularly depressing Stars hockey game. I must admit, as exciting as it was to imagine him proposing to was incredibly nervewracking. Not because of the prospect of spending the rest of my life with one person, but because of the pressure placed on you by the salesmen at the jewelry store.

Upon placing a certain ring with diamond on my finger, the impeccably dressed saleswoman breathlessly asked me "Do you love it?"

Upon hearing these words, I was immediately hurtled back in time to a certain shopping trip with two of my good friends to David's Bridal. In my world, David's Bridal is synonomous with hell. During this particular trip, we were accosted by an overeager, but yet under educated "bridal professional" who made it her personal mission in life to find my friend Meggie the PERFECT wedding dress that she was going to LOVE. Needless to say, this woman...appropriately named "Alexis"...made me absolutely nauseous. The idea of the "dress" or the "jewelry" creating the perfect life together really bothered me.

In response to her obviously perfectly practiced pitch, I looked her straight in the eyes and told her:

"I love him...I like the ring."

And that's what this whole experience is about...the house, the ring, the future wedding and honeymoon. It's about being with him. End of story.

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Chelsea said...

Hey Laura! I could not agree with you more. I am very passionate about this topic because I have lots of friends getting married right now and all they talk about is THE ring, THE wedding, THE house, THE honeymoon, THE dress, THE reception...I could go on and on. I constantly think, "what about THE MARRIAGE, the whole point to all of this. It is easy to get caught in the moment, but I know lots of people with the perfect ring, that ended in unhappiness or divorce. It is refreshing to have a friend who shares my thoughts! Love you girl...and such an exciting time for you!!! Miss you.