Sunday, November 11, 2007

To me, couches are like men.

- A great place to rest my head during a nap.
- Best when simple with clean lines.
- A little bit of squishiness is okay, but not enough to sink in.
- Must be able to recline and help me relax.
- Stable and comfortable.

I am currently in the market for new couches. I am tired of the 15 year old flowered ones that I inherited from my parents during college. They tend to clash with my Ikea inspired minimalist and modern living room furniture and decor.

I am also a person who knows exactly what she likes and therefore what I want. I want modern. I want beige. I don't want fluff. I don't want huge pillows. I don't want anything frilly. I don't want 80s sleazy leather. I want elegance.

I have a picture in my head of what I want and I'm not willing to compromise. I don't care how great your sales are stupid Ashley furniture saleswoman. How many times did I tell you I DIDN'T want leather!

Anyways. I think my couch search is very similar to my manhunt. I know what I want in a man - and maybe he doesn't exist. Maybe I'm being too picky. (Please refer to my earlier experience with But when I'm going to spend a lot of money on furniture, or in the case of men - gamble my heart, shouldn't I expect to get exactly what I want? Why compromise with my standards?


Karl said...

Well women are like coffee tables.

- The picture on the box always looks better than what's inside

- It sits around the house all day in front of the TV

- Put a ring on it and its ruined forever.

Patrick said...

I'd like to think women are more like futons.

- It's great at first, but after a little while it starts to get old.

- It can never make up its mind. Bed or couch? Couch or bed?

- It never leaves your room in the morning.