Tuesday, April 3, 2007

No Boys Allowed

To be the cheese means to stand alone, in all meanings of the word. All the girlfriends I have are either married or in committed relationships and I'm still guy hopping at the bar, and subsequently finding myself in a stream of meaningless, dead-end, dating relationships. I'm tired of unfulfilling interactions. I'm tired of wasting my time and I'm tired of the roller coaster of up and down emotions brought on by the initial excitement and then eventual let down of every guy. I've gotten motion sickness and I'm getting off the ride.

Thus my 6 month sabbatical from dating.

Men and relationships in my life have been like fast food. Quick, easy and good on the first bite, but always you a little sick and bloated a few hours later. In short, I'm on a dating diet.

So, I'll be standing alone for the next six months. Although I've lived on my own for a year, I've always had a guy to put together furniture and fix the DVD player. But, it's time that I suck it up and figure out how to hook up the machine myself. Unfortunately, unlike my DVD player, I have no user's manual for the next six months of my life. And since bets are being made on my success (or more accurately, my demise) I feel I should set some ground rules:

1) No blind dates, no getting set up, no group dates, no dates with ex's of any kind. I may go out IN a group with men, as long as there is no romantical interest
2) No physical activities
3) No picking up guys at bars. This is hard; it's so satisfying to bait a guys attention and reel him in. But all I've caught lately is a bunch o minnows.
4) Friendships are the key - I will develop friendships with men and allow them the opportunity to earn my trust and companionship.
5) Men will NOT e the major focus of my life - I have plenty of beautiful and fabulous friends to entertain me, as well as the gym and pool to keep me busy.

**I reserve the right to modify these rules at ANY time as long as it is in the interest of my six month campaign.

The bottom line of WHY I'm doing this, to answer all the open mouth stares I've received, is to truly become happy with myself and being alone by myself. And when I have successfully acheived that, I believe that I will be able to pass by the minnows and find the real catch.


sacwho said...

I'm hopeful for you Ms. Cheese. Always remember that you are loved and that you have two nephews who would love to help fill some of those evenings you would otherwise be out dating.

You're an awesome human being and I'm proud of you.

Kristin said...

I'm so proud of you! Mostly because your attention span lasted long enough to listen to my advice :) Granted, not dating for 6 months is a little extreme, but if anyone can do it, you can. Well, maybe. But, at least you know I'm rooting for you! Oh, does dating overseas count?

MavsFreakJenn said...

You know I'm with you on this, and I think you can do it...unless of course you happen to meet a really hot and tall pro-athlete in the next 6 months! HA! I must be freakin psychic. What a night!