Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Blog Lovin APP

As most of you know, Google Reader is being eliminated come July 1st and therefore we will all have to find other ways to catch up on all our bloggy friends.  

The main site that I have found to keep following all your favorite blogs is BLOGLOVIN but I had been hesitant to test it out because I was afraid that it would be difficult to transfer my reader roll of blogs.

I was very, very wrong.  It was incredibly easy and took a matter of minutes.  

1. Sign up and then verify your email address.
2. When it asks you if you want to transfer your blogs from Google Reader, click YES.


So simple, right?!

And because I like things organized and orderly, I went ahead and took it one step further and created a little Bloglovin app on my iPad since that's where I do a lot of my reading these days.  

Again...this is something that sounds so difficult but is SUPER easy to execute.

First - open up your new Bloglovin home page on your iPad or iPhone.  In the header bar at the top, you should see a little box with an arrow popping out.  Click on that button.

Second - you will see this screen pop up.  You want to "add to home screen" because this is what will create an "app" that will bring up your personal Bloglovin page when you click on it.

Third - title your new app whatever you want.  I stuck with the very simple 'Bloglovin.'

And ta-da!  Your new Bloglovin app should pop up on your homescreen!  

Hope this helps your transition from Google Reader to Bloglovin!

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