Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Just Call Me Tracy Flick

I thought I had a good plan and was confident in my decision.  All I was going to do next year was develop my curriculum, infuse some technology and help kids find success in math.  I figured doing all that was going to be stressful enough so no reason to pile on extra duties.

But then I was cornered by one of our young, cool coaches who raved about my superior Excel, Word and general organization skills.  He commented that my skills were JUST what he needed to help him run Student Council next year.

Apparently in the few short years we've worked together, he has figured out that flattery will get you EVERYWHERE with me.

So now I'm signed up to co-sponsor Student Council and with all the new technology, grading and curriculum changes coming down the pipe, I will also be designing a new approach to teaching Algebra and 8th grade math.

I guess I'm just not happy with life if I'm not going a hundred miles an hour, white knuckle gripping the steering wheel with my hair on fire.

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