Monday, December 3, 2012

iPhone Dump

Just a few pictures of what we've been up to these past few weeks....

Being a well rounded young lady and watching football while reading a book.


Having fun at the awesome new park that opened near our house!

Playing "warrior princess" at Miss Rebecca's house.

This is her crazy at breakfast face.
And her "I'm not ready to be awake for breakfast" face.

I told her to drag the basket of sheets to the bottom of the stairs.  She tried to push all the sheets UP the stairs.

Playing with hats.

Oh my Angie girl.....always so intense.

Loving on her favorite pup - Ajax.

And of course....checking out the progress on the snickerdoodle cookies.

She had to be JUST like Momma sitting on the couch under a blanket and having a drink.  Except Momma was having a beer.  Ha!

And this.  See number 40 up there?  Yep.  That's yours truly - sophomore on Varsity and a member of the 13-1 District and Bi-District champs basketball team.
Yikes.  I'm getting old.

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