Sunday, August 19, 2012

She's Crafty

Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of attending the baptism of a good friend's sweet baby girl.  When Natalie was baptized last fall my mother-in-law gave us a big white box to store all of Natalie's special presents that she received - a treasure box of sorts.  So for Audrey's baptism I attempted to do the same, but I wanted to make it a little more personal and after one trip to Hobby Lobby, this is what I came up with:

I took this picture with my iPhone so I apologize for the terrible quality.  

I first painted the entire box a soft cream color (it took about three coats to really get it covered well) and then painted the initials for the top in two shades of green (which are found in her nursery).  Once everything had dried I used wood glue and glued the letters on top, touching up spots of paint here and there.  Even though things were coming together well, the box still looked......empty.  I added polka dots around the sides of the box and then accentuated them with silver paint marker.  On the back of the box I wrote a sweet note to baby Audrey and signed my name along with the year.  I thought about adding some more stuff to the top but I didn't want it to get too busy or crowded looking.  After three coats of gloss it was ready to be presented - and the best part?  NO NEED FOR WRAPPING PAPER!

So creating this box for my friend's daughter has inspired me and I've definitely been bitten by the craft bug right now.  

Side note: today is Sunday.  Why do I always get inspired to do great crafts on the one day a week when Hobby Lobby is closed?!

I've got some things planned out for this fall - since I'm not doing any sort of Bible Study or personal volleyball league I'm going to need some projects to give me a break from the chaos of volleyball season.  Natalie needs a step stool for her bathroom (in pink and white) and then possibly a box for her room that will match her big girl bedding I bought this summer (pink, orange, purple and turquoise).

And then I hit Pinterest.  Whoops.

This would be such an easy year-round wreath to create for our front door.  I would probably even keep the same colors of turquoise and chocolate brown.

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

See the top one?  I did something similar to that for Natalie's birthday last March - I could easily make one for Halloween.

Right now our living room in green and chocolate brown and I REALLY want to redecorate it in turquoise and brown with pops of orange.  These vases would look spectacular in my imaginary new living room.

Natalie is starting to get lots of pieces to her Little People collection and they are going to need a home.  Cute covered boxes like this would be perfect for the playroom.

Love, love, love this idea for the mantle - I could easily change out the letters and scrapbook paper depending on the season......from "Thankful" to "Joyful" or something similar.

I did a printable like these for Natalie's birthday party and they are just an easy decorating tool - just print them out at Target and then slide them into existing photo frames around the house.

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

Lord knows I have plenty of wine bottles to use for this craft.

What's more fun than funky pumpkins?!  I could make a fun wreath for the front door and then paint my pumpkins to match - and Natalie could paint her own as well.

So there you go.  Tons of stuff to keep me busy this if I won't be busy enough coaching volleyball and raising a toddler.

If I actually have any of these Pinterest ideas come to fruition, I will be sure to brag post all about it!

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