Thursday, April 19, 2012

Life Lately

Things have been pretty calm around our house lately - nothing too major to report.  So here are a few pictures of what Natalie has been up to recently.

"Say what?!"

I plan to thoroughly embarrass her with this someday during her teenage years.

Those sunglasses stayed firmly in her hands the entire afternoon while she played with her water table but never once did she actually try to put them on her face.

Playing in the water, throwing animals, dumping over the tower and then.........face plant.

I don't think it turned out quite like she had planned.

That hair down the middle of her nose kills me but I just can't bring myself to cut off any of her locks quite yet.

Love her big blue eyes.

Ajax resting comfortably in the dirt and far away from the water.

Angie looking dignified while basking in the sunshine.

Sweet girl.

Sweet girl did NOT expect the tartness of a Sonic Strawberry Limeade!

Drying off after a fun hour playing in the backyard.

Shortly after decimating her Easter basket.

We totally used the same basket as last year and just filled it with a few books from the dollar aisle at Target, a cute bunny sippy cup (which Angie has already destroyed), her favorite goldfish and a few Bert and Ernie characters.

The best picture of her in her Easter dress that I could get - Easter was not a fun day for her.

But THIS certainly did her her get into a better mood.  We had dinner at my parent's house around 5:00 and she was just exhausted so I took her in the back bedroom and rocked her to sleep.  But now she is definitely hovering around 25 pounds and is over 31 inches long.  No more can I comfortably accommodate a sleeping child in my arms and there was no pack n play out and available.  So what is a mother to do?  Use the dog bed.

Cool girls in our swag shades.

Mommy and daughter running shoes.

Wearing a pretty dress to go to the big boy's school with Ms. Rebecca.

Her personalized backpack that she takes to Ms. Rebecca's house full of all her goodies.

Excited little girl!


Erin said...

That blue suit it too cute!! I think we may need to invest in one of those water table as well! Glad to hear life is going well :)

annajanine said...

I love all the new pics!!! She is such a cutie :). In my opinion, don't cut those locks until you are good and ready, Momma! Happy Friday :)