Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Here's a weekly insight into my life and a chance for me to debrief my own brain and sort out my thoughts.

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Outside my window...storms are starting to roll in from the west.  Over the radio on my way back to school from lunch the emergency alert system was in effect, warning people about tornado outbreaks and warnings.  All winter I was terrified that this spring would be absolutely awful for storms due to the mixture of our VERY warm air and the VERY cold air coming from up north.  Sigh.  At least my under the stairs shelter is all ready for us to go into if need be this evening.

I am thinking...about how to weave teachings from the Bible into my daily life.  How do I still be ME but yet the wife and mother that God calls me to be?

I am thankful...for Pinterest because it has breathed new life into my cooking regime lately.  I enjoy cooking because every recipe is a challenge - can I make my dish look like the one in the picture?  So far this week I am two for two with the slow cooker pot roast on Sunday and spinach and cheese lasagna roll-ups last night.

In the kitchen...whoops.  Well - you have already read about what I've been cooking.  Thursday night is tacos for us and then I'm making pineapple au gratin and broccoli cheese casserole for Easter at my mother's house on Sunday evening.

I am wearing...a pony tail, Garth Brooks concert shirt, Under Armour shorts and old tennis shoes.

I am creating...grocery shopping lists.  About a week ago after we came home from a grocery trip sans list I almost had a panic attack because there were so many things that I had forgotten to get at Target.  I just can't live my life without lists.  I'm really making a concerted effort to plan out meals and to dutifully write things down when I'm running low.

I am going...to the doctor on Friday - I've had this weird bump on my hand that has been rapidly developing over the past month.  Strange, I know.

I am wondering...what would happen around the house if I just stopped working.

I am reading...not really anything right now.  I've been stuck in the middle of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest for about a week - it's just not my favorite book from the series and the plot/characters is/are really complicated, heavy and confusing.

I am hoping...for some district records to be broken in the 400m dash tomorrow at our district track meet.  I have both an 8th grade boy and a 7th grade girl that are about two seconds (literally) away from smashing the district record in each of their age-gender divisions.

I am looking forward to...Easter Sunday.  I'm getting up early and going to church (probably by myself, but that's a whole different blog post) and then having brunch at Craig's mother's house and dinner at my parent's home.

I am learning...how to lead through example. <----------Still learning this.  Now I'm learning how to lead through example without that example wearing a sourpuss expression on her face.

Around the house...I've done five loads of laundry in the past few days, cleaned out Natalie's closet of all her winter clothing, cooked up a storm and kept everything organized and clean.  I'm exhausted.

A favorite quote for today...Natalie finally said "hi mama" to me at Target the other day after I came out of the dressing room and met back up with her and Craig.  She's been saying "hi dada" and "hi dog-dog" for ages and I was starting to feel a bit left out.

One of my favorite things...the prospect of no after school track practices or meets.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Bible Study, basketball practice and a track meet - same as last week but at least at the end of this busy week I have a four day weekend to look forward to!

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jeanne said...

I enjoyed reading your Daybooking. :)

I have to agree that Pinterest is another amazing tool next to facebook.

Hope everything goes alright for you on Friday. :)