Monday, April 18, 2011

One Month Old!

Vital Stats:
9 pounds - 50th percentile
23.75 inches - 95th percentile

She rolled over from front to back.  Once.  On accident.  She was pretty pissed about tummy time.  I'm not expecting it to happen again anytime soon.

She likes to sit in her bouncer while we're eating and she will focus really hard on the hanging rattle and then reach up and swat at it.

She goes to bed around 9:00 or 10:00 at night and usually wakes up around 2:00 and then again around 5:00 or 6:00. 

 Natalie and her best friend Angie.  In the past week Natalie has really started to notice Angie and I think she enjoys having her around.  Angie is Natalie's biggest fan - while Craig and I were cooking dinner on Friday night, Natalie was in her bouncer on the kitchen floor and Angie just sat right next to it...staring.  I guess she realized that Craig and I didn't have our full attention on the baby so Angie took it upon herself to babysit.  And for the time being...I'm okay with my dog babysitting my child.

 Craig's father passed away several years ago and I think that's been the hardest thing for him about bringing Natalie into our lives.  He would love to be able to share this experience with his dad.  But that cannot be the case so last Saturday night we met up with his Uncle Tim and Aunt Sheryl for a great dinner experience at Texas de Brazil in Fort Worth.  I don't know about Craig, but it was pretty emotional for me and my pregnancy hormones to watch Craig watch Uncle Tim hold Natalie for the first time.

 Although they are still a little baggy on her thin frame, Natalie has officially moved into her 0-3 month clothing!  I can already tell that buying clothes for her will be difficult because she is long enough to be in the bigger sizes, but her frame is so thin and delicate that the bigger clothes hang so baggy on her.  Here, she was all geared up to go to a going away party for one of my dear friends from work.

 Oh tummy time.  Sigh.  Not fun at this point in time.  Maybe someday.

 My middle brother Mike came in town a few weeks after she was born.  He lives in Maine - hence the lobster.  He is Natalie's godfather.  My favorite memory of my brother growing up is when I was sick around Christmas one year - I can distinctly see my little tree in my bedroom all lit up with colored lights.  I was having trouble going to sleep because of my congestion and fever and Mike's room was right across the hallway from mine.  He came in and sang "You Are So Beautiful" to me and helped me to relax and fall asleep.  This is the same brother that calls me Munchkin Butt.

This is Natalie's fairy godmother Kate and her husband Karl.  I chose Kate to be the godmother of my baby because I have known her since we were babies together and because Kate has alway had a delightfully different personality from me.  Where I am serious, she is lighthearted...where I am tough on myself, she rolls with the punches...where I am structured, she is carefree.  I have a very special relationship with my own godmother and I can't wait to have Natalie develop the same type of relationship with Kate.

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