Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Natalie Teneile Nelson born on Tuesday, March 8th at 1:43pm.  She weighed 8lb. 6oz. and was 21.5 in. long.  She was delivered via c-section which went against what I had originally wanted and planned on, but in the end it came down to her being delivered healthy and safely and that was how it all had to happen.  It was an emotional decision for me at the time, but by the next day I was over it and ready to enjoy my baby.

First...a few pictures:
Holding her for the first time in the labor and delivery room after I returned from the OR.

We brought a few items to the hospital for her first photos; I brought Mardi Gras beads and Craig brought a basketball.  Please keep in mind that the basketball is a MINI ball and therefore my daughter is really not that huge.

Craig preparing to go into the operating room with me - I was still emotional at this point so I think he was trying to get me to laugh.  He was pretty successful.

A moment alone in the room just the three of us.

Momma and her Mardi Gras baby.

1. I was in the hospital from Tuesday morning and we were released around noon on Friday.  I was pretty pleased with the new Presbyterian hospital and I don't have too many complaints.  Of course there were your standard nurses - there were ones that I loved and ones that I was relieved when their shift was over.  I think my main complaint was how some of the baby nurses didn't mind manhandling my goods when we were trying to get Natalie latched on so she could feed.  I usually require dinner and a movie before I get to second base with people.  The worst night was Tuesday night because I was severely anemic due to the loss of blood during the procedure and I had really low blood pressure.  I was dizzy and having hot flashes which ultimately ended in my throwing up but by Wednesday morning I was feeling better and VERY hungry.
2. We had lots of visitors while we were in the hospital: my parents, my brother Stephen and his wife Meredith, my friends Heather, Amy, Kate, Kelly, Beri, Dana and Emily, Craig's mother and sister and her two friends Sonya and Dave and of course Memaw.  We were able to get a few moments alone with just the three of us and the best night was Wednesday when we had a family "date night" when Craig came up and we all watched the Stars game together.  My mom and dad met us at the house on Friday night and came bearing a delicious "first night at home" dinner: meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole.  Mmm.  My mom stayed the night Friday just to help with late night feedings and to show us how to properly bathe her the next morning.  Craig's Aunt Kay arrived on Saturday afternoon for her annual Spring Break visit and we wanted to make sure that we had a clean baby to show her.  On Sunday Natalie met her cousins Alexander and Ford for the first time - Alex was very intrigued and interested in Natalie and Ford...I think he just wanted to hold her because his big brother had gotten to hold her.
3. I'm feeling really good.  The pain from the incision is nothing that a few vicodin can't handle and so far, Natalie has been kind enough not to keep us up too much at night so that during the day I'm not a complete zombie.  I haven't had any postpardum emotional meltdowns but I have a feeling that once Craig goes to school next week, it might be a different story. 
4. When I first held her, I wasn't that struck by the amount of love that I had for her.  I looked at her and quite frankly, she wasn't what I had expected.  I guess since I was the one that was carrying her for nine months, I figured that she would come out as a little exact replica of myself.  But instead she definitely has Craig's eyes and it was weird to think that although she came from me...she looked like Craig.  I'm over it now, but it was a very odd realization at the very beginning.  Craig and I were talking at dinner last night about if our love for each other had changed and how we had felt when we first held her and all that other stuff that goes along with having a baby.  I told him that everyday since she arrived, I have fallen more and more in love with her.  I don't think I will ever quite understand the depth of my love for her, and that I will discover new layers of my love with every event in her life - whether it's from beaming with pride when she is successful at something or when I'm disappointed in a poor choice that she's made.  I think that if I was to experience the full amount of love I have for her all at one time it would be too overwhelming for me.
5. Angie has been absolutely amazing.  You would think that she had given birth to this little girl.  She is completely and utterly protective of Natalie and is often the first one at attention when she cries during the night.  If we don't get to her quick enough once she starts to whimper or cry, Angie gets very agitated and upset that we aren't responding.  When someone other than Craig or myself is holding her, Angie is continually staring them down to make sure that her little baby is properly taken care of.  She has also been taking more naps during the day since she is up with me at every nighttime feeding, changing or rocking.  I couldn't be more proud of how easily she accepted Natalie as part of her pack and how quickly she committed herself to protecting her.

I guess that's about it for now...

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Anonymous said...

Loved reading this! Though we have talked a bunch since Natalie's birth, it was fun "hearing" all this from your perspective! I love MY little girl so very much and love watching her become a wonderful Momma for my granddaughter!
Mille Baci, MOM