Thursday, September 2, 2010

Week 13

August 20 - September 5

How far along?
12 weeks and 4 days along and baby is about the size of a peach (or about 3 inches long). This week baby's intestines are forming on the inside of it's body and the vocal chords are aslo developing!

How am I feeling?
It's been an up and down week for me which I guess is better than last week which was mostly down. I feel like my body is taking two steps forward and then one step back. Yesterday was rough because I had my first 7th grade volleyball game night and it was an away game. Between running copies, checking things off my "to take with me" list and corraling the girls, I didn't get a chance to put much food into my tummy and therefore I was pretty sick when I got off the bus at the end of the night. But what's been fun is watching the little belly expand just a smidge...but I'm not sure if it's baby or Arby's curly fries.

What's circulating in my brain?
My assistant coach from last year and good friend Jill gave birth to her beautiful baby girl named Joley on Friday evening. All day Friday I was getting update texts through her husband about the progress of the delivery. I must admit, after a long week at work...being in the hospital about to give labor and subsequently meet my baby sounded a lot better than teaching 6th grade students how to play Capture the Flag. I've had lots of friends give birth and I've even visited one special one in the hospital not even 24 hours after the delivery but for some reason this birth hit a different chord with me. Obviously I think it's because I am pregnant and in six short months Craig and myself will be in a similar position where he is sending out updates to our friends about the status of Baby Nelson. And the promise of staying home with baby for a little over a month doesn't sound too bad either.

How is Craig dealing with the crazy?
Again this week he is being absolutely awesome and making sure that I'm feeling okay and that stuff gets done around the house. Today (Sunday) has been particularly rough and I've been in bed for most of the day. Imagine my surprise when I ventured downstairs and found that he had attached a solar light fixture to the fence so that when Angie goes out at night to potty she will have some light to help her navigate the grass! So far so good with his Weight Watchers diet - in two weeks he has lost a total of 8 pounds and he is excited about weighing in tomorrow to see how much more he has lost.

What's Angie up to?
She's getting into her routine, but she's not happy about it. We wake up and she follows me into the bathroom where she pouts in her bed and I take a shower. Afterwards she has her most enjoyable moment when she gets to "wake" Craig up in the spare room because he most likely got kicked out of bed sometime during the night for his snoring. Then she gets to sleep in some more when Craig comes back to our bedroom where he sleeps in until 7:30 or so before going to work for the day. She is still being a super awesome nurse...sitting next to me in the bathroom when I get sick and then licking my feet after I'm done to let me know she loves me. I hope she is as protective and loving with this new baby as she is with me.

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