Saturday, August 28, 2010

Week 12

August 16 - August 22, 2010

How far along?
I am halfway through week 12 and baby has doubled in size since last week and is now the size of a plum. According to What to Expect, the baby has developed most of the important internal organs and now the intestines are going to start doing their job. If the amount of food that I ate this week is any indication, I believe that baby has a voracious appetite. This week baby liked Arby's curly fries and donuts.

How am I feeling?
School started this week and I always kick off my school year with a 11 hour day on the second day of school - starting with 8th grade volleyball try-outs at 7:00 and culminating with 7th grade volleyball try-outs ending at 6:00. Needless to say, my general goal ever night wasy to stay awake at least until the sun went down. There were a few rough mornings and evenings this week as far as nausea goes and I unfortunately had to revert to using the anti-nausea medicine to help me get through the day. But...the good news is that this morning (Saturday) I was able to wake up with no discernable nausea, eat the leftovers of my PF Changs and drink a Sprite for lunch with NO problem! AND...I even feel like putting away laundry and cleaning out my car. Hurray! I'm not sure how long this feeling good will last but hopefully it's the beginning of the second trimester and therefor the bouts of nausea will be few and far between.

What's circulating in my brain?
I haven't really been thinking about the baby this week but instead focusing on choosing volleyball teams and then dividing those girls up into divisions. I love volleyball season because it does challenge me - how do I play my girls so that I can maximize the success of the team overall,but still make eah player feel appreciated on the court?! It's a tough puzzle to figure out and I spent the majority of Thursday during school running through several different scenarios of line-ups, switches and substitutions. I've got a fairly talented and athletic group of 8th graders this year and if this is going to be my last year coaching I want to make sure that I end on a high note.

How is Craig dealing with the crazy?
Craig has just finished up his second full week of working the Weight Watchers plan and he has done really fantastic. He is weighing himself every Monday at school and the first week he lost 5 pounds! We took my parents out for dinner last Saturday and his mother out to dinner last night and before we went to either restaurant he made sure to look up the menu before hand and calculate his remaining number of points as well as the points of the dishes offered. It takes a little more work and planning on his part, but I think he enjoys seeing that his determination is paying off. Next week we're going to be using a service called The Dinner Station for our meals. All you do is look at their monthly menus, choose the meals you want to eat and they cook everything for you and then you pick it up and freeze until you're ready to eat! They also offer all the nutritional information so Craig can make educated and healthy decisions about dinner as well. I know it seems a little lazy of us, but with me working 11 hour days ad coming home so exhausted I really think it will help both of us to eat at home, save money and stay healthy.

What's Angie up to?
I think Angie is getting back in the routine of school, although she still isn't quite thrilled about it. Every morning I leave her and Craig curled up together in bed and when I come home she is curled up beside him on the bed while he watches television after school. She is very excited because tomorrow she gets to go play with the cousin dogs, Andy and Annabelle while I go shopping with my mom.

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