Monday, March 1, 2010

Bridezilla isn't a bad word...

My whole goal during this wedding planning process has been to run as far away from the idea of a "bridezilla" as I possibly could. I didn't want people to think of helping me with my wedding or God forbid...BEING in my wedding as a chore instead of a joy. The word Bridezilla is tossed around so casually but yet can be incredibly hurtful to a bride that is truly trying her best to walk the delicate line between getting the day of her dream but also being respectful of people's time, energy and pocketbook. Along the way, I found this article on one of the few wedding blogs that I read religiously. This website, Off Beat Bride is full of crazy stuff that I would never put in my wedding...but through seeing those "crazy" weddings, I have been able to push past what is expected and instead stand my ground on what WE want.


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