Sunday, March 28, 2010

America's Sweetheart?

Craig and I have been married for two whole weeks now and therefore I am not by any means able to dish out any marriage advice, but I am a moderately sane and responsible human being which I believe makes me qualified to voice my opinion on the current situation between Sandra Bullock and her loser husband Jesse James.

Okay. I don't claim to know everything about Craig, but I do know a few things that most people don't. I know that Craig loves sitting in his Man Cave going through his baseball collection to sell on Ebay. Craig takes two "pinks" or Sweet 'n Lows in his ice tea. He watches old concerts of U2 on the Palladium channel and sings along when he think that I'm not around...I even caught him catching up on the New Kids on the Block's most recent tour last night. He takes most of his showers in the spare bathroom because he likes the water pressure better. Craig doesn't carry a wallet but instead keeps all his stuff in the console of his car. If given the chance to switch places with someone for a week, he would choose to be the president.

I'm sure that there are millions of other things that I will learn about Craig in the upcoming years of our marriage, but there is one thing that I am sure about him:

He is not a neo-Nazi racist with a fetish for cheating on me with tattooed women.

I don't understand Sandra - you seem like such a smart girl with a quick wit who wouldn't put up with something like this. I know that every couple's relationship is different and if it works for them, it's not my place to judge, but there is so much about this entire situation that strikes me as odd.

1. Maybe Sandra didn't know that he had this secret side to him and now she really has been "blind sided" by this whole scandal. BUT...Jesse James doesn't strike me as the subtle type nor smart enough to pull this whole thing off without her knowledge. So that leads me to my next point...

2. Maybe America's Sweetheart (and one of my favorite actresses) knew about this side of her husband all along and it didn't bother her (SCARY!). Maybe she's only NOW distancing herself from him because she knows that it could cause her some seriously bad press, especially right on the heels of her Oscar win...during which she DIDN'T thank her husband in her acceptance speech. Coincidence?!

I think it's just another example of the Tiger Woods Syndrome...we believe what the celebrity's publicist wants us to believe, but in reality we have absolutely no idea who these idols really are or what they stand for.

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