Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh Sudafed...let me sleep...

It is 4:10 in the AM and I am wide awake. I'm not sure if it's due to the Sudafed with Sudaphetrine pills that I took before I went to bed, but I am. For the past three weeks I have been stuck in that awful moment when a plane is taking off, right before your ears pop with you feel like you're in a bubble. It's been giving me migraines and making me feel a little sick to my stomach, so I am finally taking the day off of work today to go to the doctor where they will hopefully give me a shot full of wonderful goodies to take the pressure off my brain. I'm a little tired of everything being foggy.

Other than that, what has been going on? Absolutely everything. I started Bible Study every Tuesday night from 7:00 until 9:00 but that event is always preceeded by a 7th and 8th grade Cross Country meet. I've been working or attending basketball games every Monday and Thursday nights with a District Tournament thrown in there as well. And on Wednesday nights I have my "old coaches" volleyball league. The term "buring the candle at both ends" comes to wonder I'm sick.

But the good news out of all this is that we're only about 31 days or so from the wedding so all this business is helping move time along very quickly. For the better part of 2010 I have been in secret wedding freak out mode. Craig can tell you - I've been in tears the majority of nights, completely stressed over stupid things about the wedding. Will people come? Will people have fun? I'm not worried about flowers or cakes being delivered on time, but instead I want to make sure that everyone around me is happy with the decisions that I make. And while trying so earnestly to make sure that my bridesmaids are happy or mom's are happy, I think I've been driving both them and myself completely nuts. Apparently, the polar opposite of a "Bridezilla" can be just as frustrating.

I did make major progress though...a couple of Fridays ago I was sitting there looking from my list of wedding things to do to my calendar chocked full of items previously mentioned, wondering where in the world was the time to get everything accomplished. And then I had a breakthrough - these were all things that could be taken care of by someone else. Sooo...I put together a list for my mother and future mother-in-law and told them to divide and conquer. If there was something on that list that they felt particularly drawn to...have at it. Take whatever you wanted and run with it. Needless to say, all items on the list have been taken care of. It was difficult for me because I am somewhat of a control freak at times (what teacher isn't?) but I knew that in order to save my sanity, I had to let some stuff go. It doesn't mean that I'm not a good and organized bride...if anything, it makes me a smarter bride to outsource.

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Molly said...

um, we will have fun. let there be no doubt. that control thing may or may not be genetic too. have you met your family? =) feel better! you are loved!