Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Poker Face

As I might have discussed before, I really don't have a poker face when it comes to hiding my emotions. We could also add onto that - I don't have poker friendships. Basically - if I'm not a fan of you and your will most likely know it. Not because I'm out and out RUDE...I just don't really invest or infuse the same enthusiasm when interacting with you that I would with a friend.

I have never expected to like everyone that I come in contact with and nor do I expect that everyone will like me. I have always had the general philosophy that if people didn't like me it was okay...most likely, I didn't like the person either. And I have always been okay with that. I had my good group of friends and I really didn't waste time with people outside of that circle.

Well, life doesn't allow you to just interact with only the people that you like while conveniently ignoring all the rest. And currently, I am really struggling with being "nice" to those people who aren't exactly in my Circle of Trust. Actually...I'm probably making a not-so-nice name for myself at work with some of the negative interactions I've had recently.

I can't help it...I just don't have the patience for those people that bother me. I try to just ignore them and show no emotion when interacting with them because I'm afraid that if I talk to them too much I will really say something I will regret. Work is not a place that I want to have enemies, but at the same time...

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