Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Coming Clean

For several years now, I have been squashing an intense addiction and obsession in my life. It's always been something that I had to hide - I could only indulge myself in solice. If people knew about my addiction, all respect for me as a mature and well-adjusted woman would fly out the window.

But I think it's about time to come clean...there is freedom in the truth.

I love Britney Spears. I have loved her from her pig tails and stockings in "...Baby One More Time" through her snake dancing phase in "Slave 4 U" and even despite her head-shaving-umbrella-wielding mess.

I absolutely love her and I am so excited about all the new music that she is putting out. Her birthday is today and it also happens to be the release date of her most recent CD appropriately titled - Circus.

More importantly though...she is going back on tour!!! March 31st she will be in Dallas and I am totally stoked...but yet I need to find another person out there that is hiding the same obsession and addiction to go with me. Any takers?!?!?!

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