Sunday, October 6, 2013

Lazy Weekend

It's been one of THOSE kinds of weekends. When everything seems to fall in place....the weather, the mood...the behavior of your toddler. 

It's just been a perfect two days. 

It all started on Friday night as Craig, Natalie and I headed up to the Varsity volleyball game and I was inundated with not one, or two but no less than 10 of my former students coming from across the gym to give hugs, sit down and catch up. This is when all the parent conferences, Saturday morning lesson planning and endless professional in-services pays off - when I can see and feel the impact I've had on kids....because they want to come back and see me. When they feel such a strong bond with me that they want to fill me in on their life since middle school. Forget the standardized testing, forget the school ratings....THIS is how I am judged ASAP teacher - by the lives I have touched and the students I have impacted. 

Saturday started out pretty lazy with some pancakes and cartoons, ending with my college roommate, Lauren and her husband and son coming over for appetizers, pizza, football and drinks. Although our evening ended at nine (instead of starting at 10:00!), there were great conversations, lots of laughs at two toddlers figuring each other out, and a certain coziness emanating through our home.  

Sunday has found us going grocery shopping, lazily decorating for Halloween, playing on the patio in the fabulous fall weather and now sitting on the couch, eating chips and dip while watching football.  

And although my lessons are ready to go, but my laundry is piling soul is calm and satisfied. This is why I quit that I could slow down my life and enjoy the littlest moments with my not-so-little girl.
"Momma!" She exclaimed, "We match!"

And speaking of that not-so-little girl, if you ask her, she is most certainly NOT a baby, but a BIG girl. She is a potty-trained, skinny jean wearing, imaginary playing, number counting....pre-schooler. 

And as I whispered in her ear last night as we prayed before bedtime, I am so glad she's mine. 

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