Friday, September 13, 2013

Teacher Style Week Three

Here we are at the end of the third week of school....which, if you're curious, has been the hardest one to date. Perhaps it was the end of the honeymoon period for the kids, or maybe it was the two tests I gave, but I am WIPED OUT. Our Friday night consisted of dinner at Chilis and taking in the varsity volleyball game. Craig is currently fighting the bedtime battle with Natalie and I'm not far behind. My DVR and cozy pillows are calling my name. 

But first, here is what I wore this week.  

Gray pants found on sale (buy one, get one free) at New York and Company outlet store. 
Purple ruffled tank bought a few years ago from Ann Taylor Loft outlet. 
Black sweater from Old Navy? Maybe? Not really sure...I've had it a LONG time. 
The shoes are chunky heeled, round toe patent leather with a fun stitched pattern - and actually fairly comfortable!
Necklace is from Charming Charlie's. 
Hair was down and straight. 

Ugh. Tuesday was rough. Natalie had been up and down all Monday night so this outfit was thrown together in a rush because I was dragging to get out of bed. 
White sweater from Ann Taylor outlet. 
Black pants bought full price (but totally worth it) from The Limited. 
The turquoise flats were actually my wedding shoes that I wore under my dress!
My necklace is from Charming Charlie's and my bangs were proofed and then pinned back. 

Skinny jeans from Old Navy. 
A Rangers Napoli shirt (shout out to my Grandma) from Dick's Sporting Goods. 
Black leather sandals from Old Navy. 
Hair is in an easy wet bun. 

Fun, fun fun! I loved this outfit because it was a little out of my comfort zone, but at the same made me feel pretty fabulous. 
Necklace from Charming Charlie's.
Pink shirt bought on sale at Ann Taylor Loft outlet. 
Skirt was $30 on clearance at White House,Black Market! And has pockets!
Spes bought two years ago at DSW. 
Hair was normal. 

I got three compliments on this shirt before the school day even officially got started!  Craig bought it for me for my birthday....from Anthropologie. I know. It was a splurge,but I absolutely adore it. It's a breezy material but with lots of fun designs and details. He did a great job picking it out. 

White camisole from Target, skinny jeans from Target and earrings from New York and Company. Instead of a boring old ponytail, I stole a look from my students and braided my bangs back and gathered them into my ponytail holder. It was easy but still something a little different from my normal look. 

So....I've realized that I have a minor addiction to Ann Taylor. And is it weird that I know exactly where I bout EVERY single item of my clothes?!

And do you like my designs on the photos? Check out the photo editing app called Rhonna Designs. It does cost a small amount, but it is GOOD. Better than Instagram and My Beautiful Mess. I bought it for free a few days ago through the Apps Gone Free app which features apps that normally cost something but are currently free through iTunes. Kind of like Groupon for apps. 

Alright. That's enough for tonight. It's 9:15, which is fifteen minutes past my bedtime. 

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