Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Simple Life

I've been "deactivated" from Facebook and Twitter for about a month now.

And for the most part, I absolutely love it.

Life feels much more simple without the static and buzz that came from the constant news feed of desperately-trying-to-be-witty status updates or the one-upmanship of weddings, vacations, children and home photographs.  

I've never really been comfortable with clutter in my life.  Whether it's too many clothes in my closet or tchotchkes across the mantle, for whatever reason, it makes my brain go fuzzy and haywire.  I just can't think straight when things are out of order.

I started out the year focusing on the word "PRESENT" for this year.  After spending so much time in the fog last year I wanted to make sure that I was physically, emotionally and spiritually present for my daughter, my husband and all our friends and family.  But now that we're halfway through the year and I feel like I've pretty much mastered that word, I feel myself gravitating towards a new goal........SIMPLICITY.


Life is simply more simple without the chatter of Facebook and Twitter.

And so that's where I'm focusing my energy for the rest of 2012 - with Natalie growing bigger, smarter and more independent every day and with school starting at the end of August, life is about to get more hectic and chaotic.  So far this summer I have cleaned out my closets, drawers and cabinets in an effort to get rid of the excess junk that gets in the way and creates clutter.  I'm hoping that physical and digital simplicity will lead to emotional and spiritual simplicity for my family.  The less stuff we have coming into our lives, the easier it will be for us to focus on what is most important - the relationships we have with each other and how we can serve God and those around us.

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