Sunday, January 2, 2011

Euro Trip 2010

Craig and I went to Europe at the beginning of August. And then we came home, started school the next week and I got busy with having morning (or all day) sickness and coaching volleyball, and thus kind of forgot that we went to Europe and had a really great time. For example...

We found Jim Morrison's grave.
We stood in front of the Eiffel Tower.

We went and saw the palace of Versailles.
We rode in a tiny room on a train from Paris to Milan overnight. Craig said never again will he ride a train.

We saw U2 perform in Torino on August 6th (the day before my birthday).

We ate lots of gelato.

I lead us through the Forum with the help of Rick Steve's Italy guide.

We ate some more gelato.

Craig got to see all the sights around Rome that are featured in the movie Angels and Demons. This is in Piazza Navona where the final bishop gets drowned.

We toured the Vatican Museum and got one room away from the room dedicated to my great-grandmother - it was unfortunately under construction.

Since I was about two months pregnant on our trip, we also slept a lot and traded meals frequently when whatever I ordered didn't look appetizing. I had a lovely time and thoroughly enjoyed myself but was incredibly ready to get home at the end of the trip.

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