Thursday, April 8, 2010

What's next?

Now that we're married I am often asked about the wedding - how did it go, do you enjoy being married, etc. And I always have to stop myself before any words come out of my mouth because if I didn't have any sort of filter, my response would be something like this:

"I am so glad that it is over. Ugh."

And I just don't think that's really the response people are looking for when they ask me about my big day. Again, like I've said so many times...

I am so glad and beyone thrilled that I married Craig. I am so blessed to have found him and I truly do know that he is absolutely 100% the most perfect man for me. BUT...I really struggled through the wedding planning process because I had a hard time getting excited over wedding related stuff. It was a lot of extra stress and worry that was always lurking over my shoulder - I'm glad to have all that behind me. I even feel a certain amount of freedom knowing that I don't have a huge wedding To-Do list waiting for me to scratch things off. I can now focus that energy on things that I want to be doing.

So, in response that those questions, I just say...

"It was a success! We accomplished our goal and are indeed married! The 'I do's' were said!"

But...having been a former bride, I do have some piece of advice and my new rule for being a newlywed.

Advice: It doesn't matter. None of it. The color of the ribbons, the details on your shoe. Not only will you not notice any of it on your wedding day, but no one else really cares. Well, the people that matter to you won't really care.

Rule: I will not offer any wedding or marriage advice to any newlywed unless specifically targeted and asked.

So now that all the wedding madness is over what am I going to focus my attention on?

1) Making sure that Craig rehabs his knee in the best way possible.
2) Writing Thank You notes. Yuck.
3) Getting the yard taken care's becoming a jungle out there.
4) Reading more books and getting more sleep.

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